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  1. Hey that reminds me, have you ever visited the website associated with the book "How to be Invisible" by JJ Luna? I can't type it here I don't think because I don't think I am allowed to, but if you look up the book you should find it. Those peeps on there have it together as far as asset protection and privacy.
  2. Does anyone else get the feeling that things have suddenly changed? For example: There aren't really any Guru's to speak of and the ones that are around are awfully quiet. There aren't really any major articles coming out like they were last week. It seems the well dried up. The callsquad all of a sudden stopped doing new articles and updates. Revalue's conference call got postponed because their gues speaker didn't show up. WTF is going on??????
  3. I will agree that the media sensationalizes things, but just because it didn't happen to you doesn't mean it is any less important. People in VA aren't used to things like that and I personally am glad everyone is OK. Compassion for other people is a very useful skill in should try it. Amen!!! Some people are just A$$ Holes, what can ya say? The good news is Karma is a beeeeeyotch.
  4. I think the skins are playing the panthers in Charlotte coming up soon. I have a friend who played for the panthers in the 90s so I might try to get tickets.
  5. I think my dad would probably shoot the TV if Dallas won the Super Bowl LMAO OK next question: OSU or Michigan? AND Duke or Carolina (NCAA)?
  6. Colts baby!!! Tony Dungee is my hero (and his wife was my perinatologist by the way). My family is three generations worth of skins fans though so Dallas hatred is in the blood LOL.
  7. Maybe Shabs will pull a rabbit (RV) out of his hat at this meeting.
  8. OH MY of my favorite DV members (GG) is a COWBOYS FAN!!!!! Oh the Humanity!!!!!!!! Say it aint so!!!!!!!
  9. Take a Zantac indeed......LMAO you guys kill me.........
  10. BAHHAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAA You so craaaaaaaaaazy
  11. They also said that the RV would likely happen 3 days after the presidential salaries were lowered but that didn't happen either.
  12. Saleh keeps making all of those ridiculous threats about what he's gonna do if the troops stay but other than that he's no worse than the rest of 'em.
  13. I really don't know much about what happened in Kuwait but I have heard the people who are positive an RV will happen use Kuwait as an example of what could happen. I'm just not sure why they think it will or won't happen here. How are Iraq and Kuwait similar? (other than the obvious ways)
  14. There was an article that a guy named Jason read that was related to the bombings a few days ago (the suicide bombs in cars near major city buildings etc.) and it basically said that Maliki or Sadyr (not sure which) said that it was America who was arranging the bombings so that they could stay in Iraq. Buried within this article there was a quote that was attributed to Obeidi but it listed him as the "newly appointed minister of defense"
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