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  1. I wish more people could understand these simple concepts. Absolute power with the printing press corrupts absolutely.
  2. I always enjoy your posts Machine,keep them coming.
  3. Out with the old-In with the new!
  4. Scrumdidddles, Every American should view this video. It is a shame how he is ignored by the media. I view Ron Paul as a politician well ahead of his time. Unfortunately his views never make it to the couch potato citizens of our country.
  5. I would tend to disagree with some of this articles projections on price. With the loss of purchasing power of the dollar and the speculative and industrial demand for silver on the rise I would disagree with their long term projections.
  6. Excellent article as usual, I should send this to every senator and congressmen. I would be curious as to their response. Definitely a copy to helicopter Ben and his cronies.
  7. Thanks Machine for all the interesting and pertinent articles you bring to DV.
  8. pluMmet, Thanks for the list of links.We think alike and after I can digest this input I may pm you on some of my views of your suggested topics. I have been researching similar subjects and I am astounded when I talk to people about even the most basic related topics,they are clueless. No wonder our country is on such a downward spiral. Most of the population is content not to know what is really transpiring in this country,
  9. I agree with you machine. One time in the near future there is going to be two prices for silver. Physical silver will be one price and electronic(fabricated) paper silver will be another price. Which one are you going to have in your portfolio? The choice is pretty straight forward to me.
  10. Good video. It's to bad the people with the most money get the most attention. I wish Ron Paul had the financial backing some of the other candidates have. More people have to listen to Ron Paul's views to really make a difference. With todays media that is highly unlikely. I am from Ma. and am quite familar with Mr. Romney's governong. All I can say about Mitt is he can flip flop on an issue faster than a live fish in a hot frying pan. All iit takes is a point change in some media driven survey and he takes a different side. We are going to get more of the same until we wake up to what Ron Paul is trying to teach and convey.
  11. Excellent article. Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention. I hope the length doesn't deter people from reading this and giving it some serious thought.
  12. Sad but true. I have seen it mentioned on a few websites. No wonder the average American has such a jaded outlook on politics and how our country is being run.
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