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  1. I second that. It's not being negative, I just see too many things that haven't been done for the RV to happen, and since we all know at the speed they move, we have to conclude that it's near but I beleive at the start of 2011. If I'm wrong, well, how many have been so far?
  2. The site Al-Jazeera (middle east news), has a report that states that is going to take a few more days for the President to tell Maliki to form a new goverment. Then he has 30 days to do so. I think that since they have not demonstrated any hurry until now, that this issue might well extened untill 2011.
  3. I respect your opinion, but think, really, what nation is willing to "risk" 'it's money making deals with an unpredictable country like Irak? I personally think that Irak is as steady as "San Andreas Fault". Irak does'nt even control 'itself let alone the money in it's bank. There is too much religious interest involved, and believe me everyone in Irak (political/religious leaders), know the pie is big and want it all. Those people don't care who invested in what, when yhey decide to press the button, they will do it but only thinkig what's best for them and not for us investors. I wouldn't doubt that if they say the #$%& with everybody and change the currency again. Have they given so far signals that they are willing to help anybody? I think not
  4. You said it my man. I also believe that they will RV for less than 1.00, that way they can recover the large denominations and introduce the small ones. Hey, I don't care what many say that they will hold on to their dinars for a second or third "higher" RV, we all know that the way things have happened, we might not get a second window for exchange, and probably have to settle for what they offer initially. I personally believe that we can no longer trust that Iraq will do things to benefit everybody.
  5. I hope your right. My believe is that they will come out low first ( .25-1.00) to lure out the big currency with a lot of 000, and then, maybe in a year hit it big for the patient ones. So I recommend to save some for better times and you'll see I was right.
  6. pretty interesting. I hope it comes out soon. I've been in this since 2008, and believe me, I think within 6 months the button will be pressed
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