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  1. 5-3-2011 Guru Breitling The CBI has stated over and over again… more value, less notes. IMF get the Dinar to the buck and fast. we have progress reports about them taking 70% the notes out of public. don’t worry you are in a good spot [no lop] 5-3-2011 Guru Med EVERYDAY THEY LIMIT THE SALE OF HARD CURRENCY IS ANOTHER DAY THAT INFLATION RISES AND IT WILL NOT TAKE LONG FOR IT TO BE A SERIOUS PROBLEM...THIS IS SHORT TERM...SHABIBI WOULD NOT DO IT UNLESS HE KNEW THE OUTCOME OF THE VALUATION AS WAS DISCUSSED IN THAT ARTICLE SO IF WE TAKE THE ENTIRE ARTICLE AS TRUE THIS IS THE BEGINNING PROCESS
  2. Hey Solutions, when I would check the exchange rate on the front page drop down box, it would always indicate "00" as the rate of exchange. I never did go to the "buy currency" page. Approximately 3 days ago, when I went to check the rate on the front page....IQD was not there & hasn't been since then.
  3. I have been checking the rate of exchange on this site for several weeks now, & biobalrick is correct, it disappeared about 3 days ago.
  4. The last I checked, ezforex had Kuwaiti dinar at 4.01. Bank of America had it at 3.97. I am new to this...hope I used the converter correctly.
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