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  1. Walk, they are so far from hyper-inflation, it's not even funny. Their inflation rate is 3%. Hyper inflation is defined as a rate in excess on 8% for a sustained period no less than 12 months. It's Econ 101.
  2. In addition, it won't be cash to cash exchanges, but done electronically, so no need to worry. Also. Only about 10% of the total dinar is in the small investor's hands. Mostly resting with countries and hedge fund groups.
  3. It still doesn't change the fact a country only LOPS because of hyper inflation, and that is NOT the case in Iraq. NO lop, period. ANYONE who says otherwise is simply trying to create drama where none exists.
  4. Glad I could help. I expect those with an ulterior motive to come here and bash away, but you really need to ask yourself what they are bashing? If I'm taking away business from a rip off artist, TOO DAMN BAD!! I would guess, based on his saying he was checking out prices at the various sites, that it probably came from a Forex site. I just copied and pasted what was there, and brought it here to share.
  5. Do you REALLY think over 20 countries have forgiven Iraq several TRILLION in debt, out of the goodness of their heart? France, Germany, US, Canada, Australia are just a few countries that have forgiven Iraq a boatload of debt, in return for Dinar. This is the very way Bush promised us the war would end up not costing us a dime. It's also what is going to allow the US to buy cheap oil for life from Iraq.
  6. Brought over from another site, and definitive in the facts. I was just comparing Dinar prices at the various sites and came across this under: Important Notices. I thought it was a good read, logical,and CALMING! Nothing new-- just some reassurance on an otherwise sleepy Sunday morn. --------------------------------------------------------- Recently, many rumors have been circulating about possible changes to the Iraqi Dinar One such rumor is that the Iraqi government is considering changing their national currency from the new Iraqi Dinar, which was introduced in October 2003 following t
  7. It will NEVER happen! The real meaning behind it is the removal of all bills, 1,000 Dinar and above from circulation after the RV.
  8. Final draft doesn't mean signed contract. However, "IF" the 2011 budget does indeed start December 1st, and "IF" indeed the RV is in the budget, and "IF" indeed the smart cards for December have been reduced to 250 Dinar from 1,250, then we "should" see the RV by the end of this month.
  9. .85 has been thrown around here like candy, as has the rates up to $9.00. However, as an economics person, that rate doesn't work on several fronts. First, Iraq was forgiven most of their debt to countries. Why would they be allowed this, if they were going to RV at such a low rate? Second, that would create a huge disparity in trade values. Look at the current trade war between the US and China. I'd be happy with .86, but think the actual rate will be in the low $3 range.
  10. I can't see how the hundreds of thousands of investors can cash in during that small window, and I'm sure the IMF would have some say in that as well.
  11. Can't see it being that low, as the speculators would go nuts buying it up. No less than $1.50.
  12. Agreed. The anger and negativity is fueled by their greed and desperation.
  13. I'd be surprised if he took the entire 30 days, but this Iraq, so who knows?
  14. It will happen, when it happens. For someone who's been on this site as long as you have, you seem very stressed over something we have no control of.
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