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  1. Unfortunately the vocabulary and language usage do not fit the area he claims to be from. He does not contain the intellectual level of one working many years in the financial field. While it appears he has a thesaurus at hand; language such as "smack dab" is not European but speaks more of southeastern US. Just an observance. Fla
  2. Well here is the deal, like all sites....if you don't like the site or intel just move on. There is waaaay too much nuckle busting going on on all the sites.If you don't like the way they run their sites (that by the way they pay for and we dont) then just move on. As pointed out... no one has been right so far... so... we wait knowing that we are at the very end of the journey. When this is all over...wouldnt it be nice to all part friends because of the journey and not have to say we made enemies in our dinar travels? I pray peace in your heart for your fellow man no matter who he or she may be. FLA
  3. Bushman, please pray for this great nation and the downturn it has taken. How long can we survive borrowing $5 billion a day? Bless you my friend. FLA
  4. When this is all over I am going to every dictionary I have and rip out the page with dinar on it I dont ever want to use that word in my vocabulary again the rest of my life. Now DONG... that has a nice ring to it... LOLl
  5. LOL Levye... I remember in the 80's when we thought the powers that be were going to take our guns, we were putting then in PVC and burying them in the yard strait up to thwart detection... the more things change.. the more they stay the same. Yup smart men those founders. Too bad their predecessors are more about self importance and self wealth than for God and Country. And yes we are a REPUBLIC not a democracy. "A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned - this is the sum of good government." Thomas Jefferson
  6. You don't do away with the body because of the cancer... you remove the cancer to restore the body....operation 2012. Snopes says its not true.....
  7. Well I don't know for sure, I have searched the net and havent found this information on any credible sites. Only conspiracy sites like democratic underground and Bellaciao. They basically state the same you have stated in different language but the articles are dated 2006. I think if this were true there would be a whole lot more coverage of it by the media both above and below the board, maybe you or someone else has a real link to this information.
  8. You know isnt it a shame that things have gotten so bad now that we have to do a lot of judging of the post by how long they have been a member of DV and how many post they have made. Unfortunately the damage is being done by those trying to disrupt the forum with misinformation by joining and making their first post offensive, degrading or accusatory. This I hate to say is all by design. Whether it be by persons intentionally trying to discourage dinar purchases (we were told of misinformation before the RV) or by pumpers (trying to boost sales on this side of the pond) both have made us leary of the word NEWBIE and low post counts. I guess one more time we need to tell ourselves... these are in the rumor sections...if there is not a link...just file it away in your brain for possible later retrieval. In the words of Sonny and Cher..... and the beat goes on.....
  9. This story was in DD tidbits Oct 25, 2010... old news. Isnt it funny how someone joins this forum just to try to rip a whole in peoples faith in this investment and when they are finished stirring the stink... they disappear into the night. Not a first post of hello the reason I am here or glad to be a part of... or anything else constructive. First post right out of the box is to either tear down a person, an investment, a theory or a community. I think if you did some investigation you would probably find MANY of these posters are the same person or persons. Well....thanks newbie... now if you are truely here to be a part of this community, lets here something positive like...I dont know... maybe.... are You invested and why did you come to this forum for a start.
  10. Well said pokerplayer. People get all bent out of shape about things that are posted in rumors. There is no need to bring up again the meaning of rumors. Folks have to simply sit back and relax before bashing and accusations. Thank you for the post dcupp.
  11. Actually, no absolute fact here either. It's someone's post of what they said they did with as much tangible proof as those saying a bank in Jordan paid out. It appears this whole adventure is based on faith. "The substance of things hope for with the evidence of things not seen".....yet. We live our lives looking at these pretty glowing windows to fantasy in front of our faces lying on a desk in a cluttered extra room in our homes. With each post we fantasize of great riches and wealth and the next visions of poverty or despair. This adventure has become a computer game many will remember... "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago". We have become obsessed with the adventures of Mr Dinar and where he has and is taking us. Jordan, Kuwait, China, Australia, United Kingdom. We no longer sit in the living rooms and watch TV with the family. We have traded in our dinner table for an evening meal on our desk with a 20 inch glowing entity and a whirling hard drive in a box beside it. A cashier at the Majic Mart suddenly becomes a world renowned expert in foreign currencies with Dinar zombies hanging on his or her every word. No one has to prove who they are or their credentials nor can anyone else. They are simply taken at their word. To say you are a "former" player in Wall street, a current millionaire just adding to the pot, an expert declaring to be the papa of the dinar field or even a self appointed minister gathering a cyber flock is taken by others in faith and faith alone. There are no real names involved to track you back. There are odd avatars, handles, nick names and symbols but none are real, all are the creation of our minds and the pretty glowing windows on our desktops. Windows into a world that can consumed our time, our fortunes (yeah I don't have one either but it sounded good) and our lives if we let it. We began our journey as friends, colleagues, fellow investors, brothers and sisters of Christian fellowship, Patriotic Americans.....and have evolved many times into bitterness, boastfulness, self righteousness and yes even at times hate mongers. We can not allow ourselves to fall into the trap of the enemy of our souls. Remember 1 Timothy 6: 7-10 states, "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil". Step back and look around, take assessment of your investment life, re-adjust your rules and don't let this dinar become your 1 Tim 6. You be the master and make this dinar your servant......and not vice versa. Now before you guys start bashing away.......I am talking more to myself than you....but any of you this speaks the words of Okie...Im just the messenger. Have a blessed day and for the sake of the Iraqi People and the people in our great United States of America.....GO RV.
  12. So... what flavor of koolaid are you drinking anyway? :lol:
  13. Its amazing how much garbage is tossed from each dinar site, I dont care WHO you are including site owners/moderators....its become a constant barrage of bashing each others web site. You would think we all being in this together would be reason enough for co-operation but human nature takes the lead and bam....PD said this....DV said that...DD said the other thing. Its no wonder the mud flies in politics when we cant harness our tongue on something as simple as gathering, researching and posting information. Maybe we would all be in much better health if we turned these sites off and just waited for the news to declare the Dinar reinstatement. Is it really worth stressing your heart and blood pressure reading all the garbage that comes along with a rumor? Even those self righteous guru's can learn from the scriptures they often repeat...... Rom 3:10 "There is none righteous, no, not one; NKJV Lets just get back to reporting what we hear or know and throw the rest of the garbage out. Ok... bash away...Im done... GO RV !!
  14. If you don't like it... don't read it....but don't criticize it.....*enter*
  15. I think those are the dates those people signed up with that site.
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