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  1. Anyone looking to buy dinar in the tampa bay greater area please email me asap at have about 3 mil that i have to liquidate at a substanstial lost
  2. Hey I sent you an email I'm looking to sell Dinars at the cheapest price.. I have a financial crisis ..700 per million.. email me at
  3. What do you take from the last statement ..about not changing the currency design ..but the economic system ? Edavis
  4. People we don't want them to delete the zeros...this is good news.....don't listen to the so called gurus ......deleting the zeros is closer to a lop than you've been told...continued deferring of deleting the zeros in light of the chapter 7 release is closer to an RV!!!!!! Edavis
  5. Thanks possum ..always love to hear you upbeat post. Edavis
  6. I'm located in Tampa Florida an had an emergency car repair..anyone interested? Edavis
  7. Hey guys ..not getting out of the game..just need a few extra bucks ..any takers ? Edavis These are 25,000 demo. Uncir. Edavis
  8. the root of the issue is God in or God out can't change God ....he meant what he said an that's it... if you cut out fornication, it would take care of *** marriage an I said God in or God out ...Yes God loves us so much he leaves the decision up to you those that have ears to hear...let them hear Edavis
  9. Already sent...much blessings Edavis
  10. Thanks for the update Adam Edavis
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