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  1. I'm gonna have to say The Houston Texans......Woop Woop.......
  2. Good morning Adam, I really don't know how to exactly relate this ?.... If they deleted the zero's, would that automatically put the dinar to 86 cents to our dollar.. Hope this makes sense. Thanks Barbara
  3. There was a guy who had a pet rooster, He took the rooster every where with him. One day he decided to go to the movies, he had the pet rooster on his shoulder, he walked up to pay. The clerk said to him sorry sir no pets aloud, the guy says but I take my pet rooster with me every where I go, I got to have him.. The clerk said NO PETS ALOUD, So the guy went around the corner and stuffed the rooster in his pants, He walked up behind a couple paid and went and set down... About half way thru the movie, a lady sitting next to her husband said honey the man sitting next to me has his pants unzipped, the husband replied, oh babe if you seen one you've seen them all, The wife replied no this darn thing is eating my popcorn...
  4. Thanks Adam, great idea!!!!!!!!!
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