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  1. I got it! Thank you, and sorry to you and everyone else for posting this in the first place!! If I knew how to delete the post I would, lol
  2. Corey - For some reason I can't email you and I want to speak to you about which Wells Fargo Bank in Great Falls you are using and who there you are working with. I want to use them when I need to create an account and cash in. Please contact me - my email is THANKS!
  3. Here is a link if any of you want to watch the meetings - Michelle
  4. You can go to the World Bank or the IMF website and watch their meetings. Here is the link for todays video - Here is the World Banks Website - From there scroll down to the World Bank Meeting and click into it, or here is the link - Good luck Michelle
  5. No snow, it goes from raining to 80 degrees in the afternoon. Weird weather, but such is Montana weather. When I cash in, I'm sailing around the world!!! I knew Ali would have a branch in Salt Lake, and that was my choice if I can't find closer. I was just trying to figure out WHERE I'm having him wire my money, lol. The reason I'm looking around before-hand is because I want my money to go into a bank that didn't treat me the way I was treated yesterday. One that that may think I may have a risky investment, but to take me SERIOUSLY anyways. And also, I want to know if they are aware of the Dinar, the rumors, and to guage what they think of the deal, because I want to put my money with someone that realized it was a good investment and bought some himself. If I have to go to Iraq to cash my darn money in, I'll do it! lol. Then I'll keep all the cash and forget the banks, since their a much higher risk in my opinion. Michele
  6. Thank you everyone for all your comments and advice, it gives me a lot of good feedback, and also makes me not feel so frustrated. Michelle
  7. I live in a small town in Montana. I have bought quite a bit of dinar and it was all from DinarTrade. My question is this - I can't find any local banks that will sell Dinar or even think of doing so. I was looking at banks for where I can open up an account that I can have my money wired into, I wasn't even asking them to cash them for God's sakes! They all say no. Bank of America in Salmon Montana yesterday told me that it was illegal to be selling it, and no banks even do so, I tried to tell her that many banks sell it, and I tried to inform her of when I bought it from Ali, I wired it to the Bank of America in Santa Monica, she didn't even care. She said there is a issue from the government (that has gone all the way back to the beginning of the war) that states there is to be no business with Iraq, and it is illegal to do so. My head was about to pop off! She was so rude, and ended up telling me to take my "business" elsewhere. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone can answer, why we have so many banks that do know about this, and then we have so many banks that are completely shut off from this? I mean, my God, all you have to do is watch the news on the World Bank/IMF meeting that is happening RIGHT now to know that SOMETHING is about to happen. Thanks! Michelle
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