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  1. Can someone explain why we are seeing the Iraqi Dinar still "for sale" even in this page? If and when the Dinar RV, these dealers should be out of the Dinar or sold out. They are the ones making money in my opinion. This could be the biggest and longest hoax ever was.
  2. Of course Obama is involved with the RV. He will magnify it and take credit for it. Just because is not out there in the news doesn't mean they are not orchestrating this behind doors. This is a major thing happening, money will be going every direction and the US is also gaining big time from it. JMHO
  3. Can someone sum this up, I didn't understand what he was talking about.... Thanks
  4. Frank61, Could you share the stocks you are in? If not, where can i have information regarding the ISX or someone who can give me advice. Thanks,
  5. LABDOG: You made some very strong points: What I find interesting in all of this is that by now, everybody in the world or most of, anyway, knows about the Iraqi Dinar RV. I can only imagine that a small country in Central America could become solvent or debt free, if they only invest a couple of millions USD buying Dinars. How in the world would the bank will be able to provide all that money, I mean, billions and billions of dollars to all investors around the wourld, (countries, corporations and regular investors)? I am only the last one who knows about these things, I'm not an expert, don't know anything about Iraq, or money exchangers, I just bought a million Iraqi Dinars, and I wonder how all this will come out in the end. Fact 1 Iraqi Dinars are still widely available from many suppliers at the still low price. Fact 2 We still don't realy know what's going on with a probable RV Fact 3 Many Countries are heavily invested in Iraq. Fact 4 Many strong Corporations have invested millions in Iraq. Fact 5 Iraq's infastructure is building at better than pre war levels NOW Fact 6 We see the negative news regarding Iraq and very little positive. There seems to be a reason for keeping the price of the currency low for now. I believe the smart money is slowly accumulating the currency without raising the public awareness until they fill there quota and also befor the RV Fact 7 There has to be public iterest before any mark up can occur including currencies That is so the smart money will have someone to sell the currency to at a higher rate (The Public) Fact 8 When the RV happens or the rate simply starts to rise, all kinds of good news involving Iraq will come about. The public will go on a buying frenzie and the smart money (Oil companies and such) will trade the currency at a predeturmined selling point, The Top. They know where this will be but we don't! Fact 9 And most important, the Iraqi Dinar is being manipulated and we are part of the process. Stay the course and don't listen to the bull. Ride the ride and get off when you feel comfortable.Go RV or should I say, Go Iraqi Dinar! Read more:
  6. Hi, I don't know where to post this question: Where can I get information regarding offshore banking or offshore corporations. thanks!
  7. Great Post Phenix, I'm just barely getting started educationing me on the Iraq/Dinar deal. I don't even know what lop means, but I get the general picture. I have a very small investment and would buy more Iraq Dinar if I had money, so I'm just thanking you for your analysis and I'll keep my fingers crossed for the VR.
  8. GIAssociates is the company I used to buy my ID on September 3. Sent a Cashiers Check and I found out yesterday that they run out of ID and they have a 3 day back log. So I will receive mine until Sept 16 or Sept. 17. Nothing I can do about. If I buy more ID, it will be through somebody else.
  9. I was given a generic password, Now I need to create a new password, Please advice how and where to go to change or create a new password, Thanks!!!
  10. Hello, I just joined this fantastic website and the Forum can be overwhelming...lots and lots of information. So I have looked everywhere how to become a VIP and would like to know step by step. I will be getting my Dinars any day. Bought them last week. I would like to know the steps to become a VIP and Dinar-ified. THANKS!!!
  11. Thanks so much for all those who answered my question, this is amazing how you guys responded quickly. Just by pure coincidence I purchased mine from GIDAssociates. I opted for sending a Cashier's Check and I'm waiting for the delivery next week. I'm so glad I made the right choice. I will try to send the picture next week to get into the Dinar Club here, I just can't remember the name. I wish I had more funds, but I put up to the last penny. I 'll keep adding more whenever I can until things, happen. This website is awsome, I'm getting an education. Thanks again!!
  12. Hi, O just found this website and signed up, so I don't know anything about the Dinar, except that I made a small purchase and I'm waiting for the delivery. I would like to purchase more, but Perhaps some of you know more where to buy at a good price and a reliable, certified dinar. Would appreciate any private or posted message, Thanks a million and I'm glad I found this site.....
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