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  1. Good bye friend. Anyway we bought a foreign currency, not a magic potion. Better to do something and realize it was a BS, than regret it later. Take care
  2. Hello everybody. I am an Italian citizen, living and working in the UK I could help British dinar friends to open a Swiss bank account. Anybody interested? Have a good life DL
  3. Hallo everybody out there From Birmingham UK. No news about any RV. Take it easy, we are waiting like anyone here. Have a nice day
  4. mimko

    Hi there XE converter does work 1,000,000.00 IQD = 858.001 USD Iraqi Dinar US Dollar 1 IQD = 0.000858001 USD 1 USD = 1,165.50 IQD
  5. I completely agree with you. I got IQD about seven years ago. Do u think it could be for me so much unbearabl eto wait more? God bless you all
  6. Hi there. Just go to the currencies converting sites. Usually they don't get used to fool on 1st of April. (agree?) warmest regards
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