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I'm a dialog coach, movie director & producer. I own a performing arts academy specializing in ACTING, FILM PRODUCTION. Also own a STUNT FOR FILM SCHOOL. We are a non profit academy that takes kids / teens off the street and we get referals for kids who are in need of a "PLACE TO BELONG" so to speak. We teach LIFE SKILLS AND CAREER TRAINING to all cultural and economic statuses, being fair to give and equal opportunity to all kids / teens of our future.

My true passion is education for the kids. My academy is now in pre-production for a film I wrote to use as a tool to take the kids through a hands on production step by step learning how to follow through with a task, and important team work is. I have invested in Iraqi dinar in hopes to purchase the equipment my academy kids need to pursue their dream of completing their film. They are very excited and it's hard for me to see this project struggle to fruition when the kids confidence is on the line. My husband is in the army reserve and now back from Iraq and back to his concrete job. He has been supporting this academy and film project week by week with the little bit of pay check he gets. This program is free due to the family situations these kids come from. So in saying all that I pray for these Academy kids, that the RV happens so they can be proud of their Film that they are working so hard on. WHO SAYS KIDS CAN'T MAKE MOVIES!? We have created a website movie trailer about the film! --> <-- Gsmile.gif RV

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