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  1. Great post tryin...thanks for the update! Peace
  2. If you say so must be so. After all you know everything that transpires on the face of this planet...right?
  3. You may have "debunked" for yourself, however a guy that I work with here at the hospital has a brother that works for the Canadian government and he had a bank account in Jordan and he turned in a million dinar at the canadian rate of exchange which was around 4$. Now after he was able to move about $100,000 American his account was frozen and he no longer has access to the rest of his funds. I know this is a "brother of a friend" story but I know this to be true. Bash if you will I do not care, I have known this coworker for about 5 years and both he and his brother have been quite skeptical
  4. I just checked my Warka account and both accounts showed accurate balances. It looks like your's may be an isolated case. I'm sure they will straighten it out for you. Peace
  5. Maybe you weren't paying attention. Scoot had a few choice comments in there if you know how he answers direct questions. I think Scooter has some insight that aligns quit well with this upcoming week. We will see... And a thank you to Scooter and Barboza for posting...I greatly appreciated it. Peace
  6. Great comment for a Sunday school class...irrelevant to this discussion. After reading many of the previous posts of Steve Washington, I cannot say that I "know" those posts where not from SteveI, I can say that they do not bear any resemblance to the posts that I read from SteveI. So I would say that IMO they are not the same Steve's. Of course I cannot say that as fact. Peace
  7. You crack me up Mr. factual. Ok let's break this down. 1. Since this thread is discussing a CC on PD I will assume here you are referencing that site in #1. Are you suggesting that PD is making finanial gains based on the banner add? If so PROVE it. Steve..I has made it extremely clear that he will not stand for that. So since you are calling him a liar you need some proof to back this up and call it fact. 2. Thanks for the rumors at my own risk. Well that clears up a lot for us. 3. This is DV...correct, and are you suggesting that since we can go to Dinar Trade and type in d
  8. Thanks for the 100% FACT...Gotta link?
  9. Nice attempt at avoiding the discussion...I fear you have ventured into never never land as of late. You might want to go back anf take a look at some of your posts from Oct and Nov. You Phoenix could easily be mistaken for a pumper yourself were it not for your dedicated followers. You have suggested multiple times that this was a done deal, the RV that is, and that it was finally at it's conclusion and Maliki would take the PM and we were in get ready for cashing in and "remember to support your local bank." You have NOT given a single instead choose to rest on your l
  10. Thanks for posting and editing getrdone! Peace
  11. Thanks for the post! Peace and gratitude
  12. WOW! Thanks for all the work that it took to put that together. Great illustration of the BIG picture here, and I think it's still just scratching the surface. Great job Marcus! Wish I could give more than a +1. Peace and gratitude
  13. Thanks for the post Ed! And Happy Thanksgiving. Peace and gratitude
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