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  1. Semper, what you indicated makes a lot of sense. Based on all I've read, I don't see Iraq coming in low balling itself. You're right; if it come in low it has no where to go but up so there would be more investors - those that haven't already lost their shirts. All the people just learning of the dinar will jump on the band wagon, as well. I think there are a lot of people looking for it to come in low that will undoubtedly be pleasantly surprised. I'll be surprised if it comes in low. In that case, I'll only cash in 4 million dinars and let the other sit until it increases in value. It will
  2. If Iraq RV's at $0.10 (ten cents) or $0.35 cents... then they have to pay out to one million investors. And then, you will have tens of millions more currency traders / investors who will suddenly believe in the Iraqi Dinar who will invest. And then as the Dinar works its way to its real value $3-$4... they'll have to pay out to millions more and lose a lot more money than if they just RV'ed to the full value on the front end. Not a lot of people believe at this point. I guarantee you a lot more will believe ones it moves. Thoughts? Semper Fidelis
  3. I've been following this site for quite some time now and I'm totally baffled each time I read someone has written about the RV coming in at $.86, $1.00 and now $1.11. What baffles me even more is that people are rejoicing at those rates. I've been holding my tongue now for months, but can't do it any longer. The intel from the intelligent people that are in the know is that the RV in Iraq cannot come in below $3.22 by law and they are allowed to add 20 % on top of it. So, why not rejoice about that? Iraq is an oil rich country that wants to compete globally with other countries. Why on eart
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