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  1. I read everything that you all had said. So i wrote them --Here is the letter i sent and of course the REPLY--This what we were waitng for----I had to ask something so i went for Mortgages - because everyone wants to know about them. From my findings anyway--Thanks to all who wrote --Vern Please send me all the info on your banking system. I would like to know > more about your mortgages -how to get out and into yours if i have to,. > Would ST help in that way.Also is there a phone number that i can use to > call? Where are you really located so i have an idea of what is gong on and > how do i become a member? I Thankyou for your time-Vern-- Dear--Vern, I'm sure you nhave been to our website. ST does not openly solicit new members. As a foreign, non-registered, unlicensed bank, we cannot and will not deal directly with the "consumer" or the "public." Normally every new member must be recommended by our existing member, or if that is not possible, such as if you do not know anyone who is an ST member, we require the applicant to sign a non-solicitation agreement with ST. Further, we will need a copy of your valid government issued picture ID such as your driver's license, passport, etc. Membership fee is $2,500.00 (USD or CDN). However, we can waive the fee requirement for indigent applicants, or those who cannot afford to pay the fee; we require a notarized Affidavit of Indigency or Affidavit of Impecunousity. We are presently revising our membership application forms to include the non-solicitation close. We will send you a copy as soon as the forms are approved by us. Best regard, John Dempsey Trustee Sovereign Trust. So now we know dont we. These FORUMS have alot of power if used right. We have enough people here to act fast if we have to.Why not. We could take a Forum like this and basically run a country--okay a coffe shop then But it does remain to be that we can confront illigal or what we consider as a groupwhat we would like to see and really when you come down to t-PROTECT one another and I like that. That is what Freedom is or at least 1 side of it anyway-Again Thanks and Thanks for the link that showed this was illigal to begin with. I just thot that i would take it 1 step further... See it didnt hurt at all---- Blessings to all Vern
  2. The bank i refer to is of the FREEMAN Movement. At the bottomof the bank statement it tells of everything i would believe to be very upfront. I am still looking into it. If iy does turn out to be legal then why not? Remember when they brought the car out in the late 1800,s they said it would never work and taleoff. so now our kids wonder what a horse is. This could work. With the FED and our Charter Banks we are being screwed left right and center- So if a bank can oprerate and be transparent then i see no reason why it would not work. ------------------The Sovern bank that Moneypenny showed has to do with the Morgans and others. if you read it it will show that the investments are run buy the elite. That is not the bank i want. I want FREEDOM in banking. i,ll keep looking into it. and let ya,ll know what i find.Hoever if anyone else comes up with info i would be nice to share it here--I Thankyou--Blessings Vern
  3. WOW-Thanks that is why i put it on here --to find out. This really helps- Where abouts are you ontario- Thanks again-Vern
  4. Thats why you write to them and ask for references--Check them out. When i get more info i will let yall know. I got this a week ago and i have sent in a letter so has a friend -I thot someone else might know about .That is why i posted it. Maybe i am wrong here i dont know.. Sometimes it saves time when you post and others come back and tell you while our looking at something and it all falls to gether. ...Your right in your assumptions here i thot the same ..So i posted -Thanks Vern
  5. This is our money - I can think of better things to use it on.Likw building our churches that have need of repair and builing relationships for people who have no-where to go or meals to the elderly or getting kids out of the ghetto,s for the day. How about helping people repair their houses so the elderly can live a while longer? Just think of what our world would be like. Whe we have other leaders coming here and calling us down for the way we treat people we should take a look at our own Front Porch and when that is clean -go to the back of your house clean that up and also inside and then help your neighbour- Until we do this we wont have a peace. Just think if we did this.? It would keep out minds on our countries and then it would keep a BORED people from looking into othes bussines and telling them what to do. When we cant even look after ourselves and then tell others how to do it isnt that a little self defeating? Maybe im wrong here. It,s like having a coffe in a coffee shop and someone comes in sits next to you and talks about trucking for an hour . He looks like a trucker so you talk to him. Then He leaves and as you watch you see him riding a bike past the window----People need to get a life-Like the ones in Power----Blessings to all Vern
  6. check his out- maybe it is the place we should look at- any ideas- Vern
  7. Vern
  8. well it about time your warming up--- I will NOT take this a sucking up never would i think you as suchAw getting closer to a truce are we? NEVER give up ---- naw i wont reload either-- as for Christianity i have to tell the truth- violence begats violence this is true and that is what is happening in this world. My JESUS says to love one another as I have loved you. But HE still threw the money changers out of the Temple and made sure they understood it. HE also stood up against greater people than you and i. HE laso died for me - I love HIM but i also have to show the truth and the truth shall set you free. -Now that being said get rid of the picture-- I think your along the line of DAFFY-Vern
  9. You Tell me- are you---- out smarted -out witted? ---- Practice what you want- That s not the issue here. Prayed for i,ll take- insults i wont-. Not all believe in stonings- thats what they want you to believe- go check it for yourself. But then people like yourself have to learn the hard way- I choose to do it differently i study and then discuss what i have found- facts are facts but you have yours and wont change - so am i wasting my time with you? what an inert statement- no you havent outdone me by no means - but i will respect that you are from Florida and older - but that is inane also.isnt it. PEACE---Ilike PEACE--so does my lawyers-- They work for the Firm of Smith and Wesson--- that was a joke- -- so you tell me am i worth it to you? As for educated -- i have letters to prove what i have and i can prove education . but why try- whatever- --what is your eductaion - you seem smrt.Vern
  10. --Good come back-- i know how to do that to--- Say what you have to say- come out and say it - dont hide behind something and then say oh i didnt mean you- --- Thats what i mean standing next to you improves my property value- having fun yet? oh and i found it interesting that you responded the way you did- ah-passive resistance. or was that a Freudian slip? -Vern
  11. First off my friend no-posts on Dinar is stupid- All questions have answers- and there are no idiots - but if i were one im glad to be standing beside you. When you say history doesnt have to repeat itself it does -- when you least expect it- AS FOR calling one a HATER i find this insulting- veiws are views and if that is being a hater then i got news for you but you wouldnt understand that have prejudices? not that i would have guessed huh? To step outside that would mean that you do. We all do- whether you like it or not. I would say let something bad happen to your family or your dictated by shiria law then i think youll change your mind- Call me RADICAL I Love it why because if it wasnt for radicals we wouldnt be free-- wow how do you like that FREE RADICALS--. As for muslims thinking the way you want them to- in the Koran it says to lie to the INFIDEL and gain their trust- then do what you have to do to take them down--Of course this is paraphrased my friend- If you want i can get you the correct translation. But you wouldnt understand i think. I take offence to being called an idiot by a person who says this . I would think you would look at what is written a an opinion. Kind of like yours. If you want facts i can assure you i can deliver. I dont like this type of confrontation but given the jostleing i will accept it as fair game. STEEL SHARPENS STEEL. Like i said earlier -- yesterday i was called --dumber than a jackass- -- then i thot-- hey i know some pretty smart jackasses----i like you--- Ive been called worse by better- Vern
  12. -------My friend who lives in WINDSOR Ontario-across the border from DETROIT---Was on the news there- we got a blurb on the news to but not like it was there. He also works construction and some of the trades people there in Windsor come from Detroit and also talk about it. We hear this stuff because we are in border towns. Its small time news but big time problems. This stuff wont go national because the powers that be dont want it out. Detroit gave HUD Houses away because there were to many on the books-- Guess who got them? Yup-- The other thing about Honor Killings --people will say i am a racist- I say to that ---what do you call a so-called honor killing that is cut up and in a river? ---There is no color to murder- is there? -Vern
  13. ---------------------PRAISE GOD he is one of us----I will be keeping you in prayers-Blessings my friend-Vern
  14. -----I,ll take that-- as a likable thought-lol--- stubborn as an ox? Yesterday i told that i was dumber than a jackass----Then i thot yup i like that- cause i know some pretty smart jackasses----Thanks-Vern
  15. Tell me putting a WOMAN in a hole and putting a bag over her head and throwing rocks at her until she is dead is good --TAKES A REAL MAN TO DO THATDOESNT IT? Tell me that letting your son do this injustice is good for him--TAKES A REAL MAN DOESNT IT? Tell me that makeing a woman less than a dog is good for her daughters to see--TAKES A REAL MAN DOESNT IT? Tell me that vaginal mutalation is good ---TAKES A REAL GOOD LEADER OF THE FAITH TO SAY THIS IS GOOD DOESNT IT? Mybe these people should have a Pork BBQ- Yes im angry because there are alot of people who lie to do what they want . Look at Detroit--- There are other cities also. Stand up or lose your ground- Why is it that they can get what they want in religous thinking into your school and you cant get a prayer in there for your kids. Why is it that you cant certain written material into your schools but they can. Why is that for years the constitution says that the BIBLE is the book and it is tossed out as futile- You have an election coming up as do we in Canada- The vote has to count- You can vote out muslims as you voted them in. YES FIGHT NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEICE--------Vern
  16. Well do what Mac Arther done----in the Philipines-- When the muslim faction got to the point that everything was going down the tubes there - the Gen. took a few prisoners out to be shot---He had the lined up and he took 3 bullets and put them in pigs blood- He then had 3 prisoners shot and let the rest go free- Yup they ran and told what had happened and guess what? NO-MORE PROBLEMS----Who said pork wasnt good for the soul---? This is history people. The muslims have us thinking that they can win--Well Detroit now has 600,000 people living there now---over 300,000 have moved. WHY? I would move for none of them - they want me gone then take me- I dont want honour killings or shiria law in my country- Tell your kids shira law is good when you find a womans body killed and the family did it--Murder is Murder folks. I dont care where you live Murder is Murder. I have daughters as some of you do and we have wives- Touch a hair on any of mine----Vern
  17. Ya purple aint yer colour--Green ? maybe? --you dont want to unravel before yer time--- Slow down take a breath and repeat process until head gets clear and try it again when yer ready- Dont do this in public cause youll make us all lokk ----never mind - hold yer breath--NO-BODY LISTENS ANYMORE-AAAAAAAHHHHHHHGGGGG--Vern ps -- tell a kid not to and they do it anyway--- so go hold yer breath k?
  18. vern

    Tony Blair

    WAR--is another name for Progressive De-population Program - as far as i am concerned-Yes I HATE WAR as much as any of us and i think of the ones that have fought. I hate it when people lie and get people fighting so that the ones making it happen make Millions while we watch our loved ones die for WHAT? I would like to take the old adage from the 60,s -it is a saying that rang true then as now---If War is so great why arent our leaders there . Send them in and see how long it lasts-What i can say is this --- when the Romans and Turks and the others from way back then fought some of the leaders fought by their sides. Today they hide in their IVORY TOWERS and play games of who is going to win and when can i cash the check. Yup be neg, if you want but you all know that i am up front and in your face until proven different. If I am wrong i will retract what i say and apologize and i,m not afraid of that either. We live on a great continent- NORTH AMERICA-Canada and the U S....I want to keep it free and we dont have to shoot anyone for doing it. Yes i know what about certain elements - well there are ways but money talks and b-s--t walks. Thats the name of the game folks. It is reality and when we have people who want to play with peoples lives i really do take offence to that- Whether it be your people or mine.There is no colour in War-- There is money-- When you realize this then and only then will we make a difference- We talk about not want to talk about war but that is the trouble here - we tend to sweep it under- Do that to a people who buries their dead- We have know of and buried friends of this WAR so we do have an understanding of the thought process . Who freedom are we protecting? Theirs-ours? ---Now we have a President that goes into another war- You have 2 Bushes and Obama oh and Clinton. Oh Carter- --We have Harper-Martin --- I want you to think of something here---if someone was to come into our country and start drawing fire and making rules and telling you what to do and they had no place doing so what would you do? I would fight. so would you- Who are the TERROISTS? That is the Million Dollar QUESTION here... Thats the one I am trying to answer---------This is only my opinion - 1man 1 voice and that is where it starts---Blessings Vern
  19. ---I can remember getting tossed for talking like Trump and saaying things--Oh times have changed--This is good- Now this is TRANSPERENCEY-- well at least i think that is how ya spell it-----WOOHOOOOOOO----Vern
  20. It has taken me all day to log in -- Last night while trying to change the avatar i had to shut down and try today--I got it and have tried since this morning to log on... Has any one else tried and failed today and has it been hard to log on for anyone else? Thanks Vern
  21. First off Getting WHACKED implies that you got wiped out/murdered -Mafia style- It also implies that you did something wrong to get WHACKED-It also says that you are acting as an Italian Stallion when your a pony-- Now dat we got dat outta da way- you like swimmin? cause you can get wet swearing like dat -- If you do your due diligents then you will understand that you have invested. WHY would you want to know who has what/ Thats the way i take it. Who cares who has what? Sounds like a Laurel and Hardy skit- Who has What and Why do I get Whacked -- Getting Whacked also implies that your getting rubbed out probaly comes from you rubbing the wrong way- Which I tot ya meant see? Anyway when you ask 3 times maybe you should ask once and WAIT.----Smee2 has given you a good answer so i would take that and ponder it-Look at it this way---The Government has never told you anything of value yet has it? Well they aint sayin anything now . We have to wait and i think we have all wanted to know why it has taken so long and have asked tha same questions but we wait . Yes i have asked the same and my WIFE has asked the same question to me and i say --hey you want the right answer or you want something different? So you see ? Just sit back like the rest of us and hang in there ---NO DONT DO THAT --They used to call that a suspended sentence--- You will be happy when it does RV and so will we- Dont worry about getting tossed of now cause you got alot of answers to this one-- Maybe it was a glich-Think of it that way and you wont get WHACKED-----Ya we call it a glich -- or a hic-up--- Hey it,s like the guy who got caught driving in the express lane with only 1 person in the car when it was supposed to be 2 or more-- The cop pulls him over in the State of New York and says i have to give you a ticket for driving in a lane for 2- To which he replies -2? Hey there is somebody in the trunk- see the glich? Vern
  22. part 1 part 2-----This will probably get thrown off so look at it quick--Tell me who owns there property---I have known this for along time--- Trust in GOD--YESHUA-- This is a wakeup call----Blessings - This is sent with no-malice or hate or any harm- Just looking for Remedy-Vern
  23. I think people on this earth think of death in the wrong way, they think of it as the wrong that is done to humanity, when truly in death is where the real life beginsRead more: Thers is a song that syas Celebrate Me Home---- if you like Southern Gospel lookup you can hear it there bcause it is in the top 10- Vern
  24. Yes you are right on the money- PSALM 23 --The Lord is MY shepherd I shall not want----- believe me when i say - you wont want because JESUS is in you- when DAVID wrote this he was in turmoil and praised GOD so profoundly that if i do what DAVID says to do i have an experiance with GOD that blows me away- WHY ? because GOD gives back and when i Praise HIM HE gives me more than i asked for. When DAVID sang to GOD he was happy and when i do the same i am happy also. If your stck and dont know what to do just copy what the saints did yes people like DAVID in PSALMS . tHAT IS A BOOK OF POETRY AND SONGS ALL DIRECTED AT god. Do what he did and you will find that GOD is the same from yesterday to to day and will be tomorrow- Read this PSALM13- 1-6 PSALM 91 1-6 (for sleeping and safety)PSALM121-7-8 PSALM 100 1-5 for singing and of course PSALM23--Blessings to all-Vern
  25. Hey QMAN- do you know how to tell how much a fish wieghs just by looking at him? ---- count the scales. Vern
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