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    AR - transplanted from Texas.
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    Living the good life, God, family, friends, sitting around the pool BBQ. Nothing better.

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About Me

We are so ready for this RV to happen.  We have so much to be thankful for in our lives, and so much to do to help with missionaries throughout here in America and all over the world.  So many questions to be answered the only God can answer and we will be praying and waiting to hear his directions and follow his directions. Our Lord is an awesome God and we can only better our lives through him. I pray that he will cover us all with his protection through this time of uncertainty around the world. Amen.   


Jimmy and I both worked for Texas department of Criminal Justice for 20 years.  I retired in 06 Jimmy retired in 2010 . I was lieutenant of correctional officers . Law Lib supervisor , safe prison gang intelligence investigator.  Riot team supervisor.   Jimmy was community service officer.  He took offenders into town and contracted jobs with town. Planned and designed landscapes for units and city parks. his offender workers completed the work at his direction and supervision.  He got several awards for his outstanding work.  We are happy to be part of Dinarvets we have been in this since the beginning.

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