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  1. no....when they drop the zeros (remove larger bills from circulation) they will have to revalue so you will take your mil and exchange for us dollars........not exchange dinar for previous posts on might understand it better
  2. yes not on the IDQ itself, but would have vast knowledge about basic currency and how redenominations, devalues, revalues and how they work or how its done....i mean XE is a currency trading site so its their job, its all they do is deal with do they know exactly what Iraq is going to do? one does....but with the info that was given to them by Iraq they are simply stating how the "redenomination" would work out in terms that we all could understand it. so not necessarily an opinion...thats how a redenomination works....they were told by iraq that they were going to redenominate by the end of 2010....and IF thats what they do, then what is stated in the article is how it would work
  3. What im tryin to say is that there is no LOP....just removal of the three biggest bills because when it revalues there wont be a need for those huge we dont have the need anymore for the 1000 dollar bills and the ones that were bigger then that....a LOP would be a devaluation of sorts because they would have to change ALL the bills.....but all they are doing is removing the three zero bills....not the 500, 250, or 50.....those will still be in use....they are just going to be adding 25,10,5, and 1 dinar notes along with coins to the 500,250, and 50 notes.....they need to attract investors and show stability which wont happen if they devalue or what people say LOP.....the term LOP shouldnt really be used cause thats not what they are doing by removing the bigger bills from circulation.....the talk of exchanging the bigger bills for the newer dinar notes is for IN country....we investors will not be doing that....when they revalue and put the newer bills out we will be exchanging our bigger bills for US dollars at the current exchange rate which from what is being stated would be around 84 cents.....of course none of this is set in stone so we dont know 100 percent what the rates or what the RV will be.....but using the term LOP doesnt fit this senerio...thats not what they are that a better explanation?? im tryin bigfoot....i dont know how else to state it....can anyone else jump in too and maybe help me explain this? Deleting 3 zeros is there way of saying removing the bigger bills from circulation....25k, 10k, 5k and so have to remember they speak differently and use different terms then what we would to describe actions......removal of three zeros, deleting three zeros both equal removing the larger bills from circulation...thats all that means....doesnt mean LOP or anything else....just means removing the larger bills because the value of their currency is going to raise dramatically so there wont be a need to have those out in the would be like you or me going to the gas station and buying a 99cent drink with a 1000 dollar many registers that you know of will have that kind of change to give you?
  4. There would not be a removal of the bigger bills without a change in its value.....we all wanna use the term LOP but thats not really what it is....its a redenomination.....a LOP would be removing every single bill period and having an entirely new currency out there but thats not the case....only a removal of the biggest bills, the ones with 3 zeros....and so for them to put out the smaller denomination bills would also require them to raise the value of the currency....there actions are to ease cash transactions in the marketplace by reducing amount of cash needed to be carried around....if they put out smaller bills and didnt change the value of the currency they would be making things worse!! what they are referring to when saying that a 25k dinar will worth 25 new dinar is the PURCHASING power.....that the new 25 dinar note will be equal in its PURCHASING power as to that of a previous 25k cant just all of a sudden declare that all 25k notes are only actually 25 have to stand behind the printed value on a bill, you have to honor your currency that you printed for what it is no matter what! Now when they do implement the smaller denoms out in circulation and they are trying to "remove the three zeros" at that point they will of had to RV so we arent going to be sitting there exchanging the bigger bills for the newer dinar, we will be exchanging our bigger bills for US dollars....hell at least I am...dont know bout all of you but im tryin to get off this ride ASAP!!!
  5. No bigfoot you arent reading it right....its saying that 1.165 new dinar will be equal still to 1 US where its talking about the nominal value and saying it will still be equal to around 1 US dollar.....its stating the 1.165 (no comma) new dinar will be equal to 1 US dollar.....meaning close to a 84 cents exchange rate..... "1.165 new Iraqi Dinars and the real value of what you own will not be affected. In other words, the "nominal" value will change, but it will still be worth around $1 US based on today's rate"
  6. Again maybe its just me, but I think this is what we wanna hear folks.....redenomination comes with a revalue of the currency....but all the talk that 1,165 IDQ will be equal to 1.165 new dinar if your exchanging Dinar for Dinar would not apply to us.....I dont know about you but 1.165 dinar being equal to 1 US dollar is pretty damn close to a 1 to 1 exchange rate therefore I will be cashing in for US dollars!! NOT for the new dinar.....but again this is just how i see this going down...please someone correct me if im wrong!
  7. We have to keep in mind people that 1, when this redenomination happens the value of the dinar will have gone up and number 2, the majority of us at least me will not be exchanging my current dinar notes for more dinar notes....if the value is going up im trading dinar for US we will get whatever that exchange rate is at that if one 25k note is going to be worth only 25 new dinar then that means the value will have gone up 1000 times at the least making the exchange rate a hell of a lot closer to a 1 to 1 senerio with the US really if the value is going up im not exchanging for more cashing out baby!!!
  8. Yea Rickc it is coming down to just a matter of when....and i believe the most important piece of this puzzle is simply iraq showing that they can be stable....point blank stability is the most important thing for investors at this point....not necessarily a high valued yes that might help SOME but more so showing they can function completely by themselves and not fall backwards and enter some sort of civil war between all the diff religious blocs and parties....hell vietnam is growing at an enormous rate economically and their currency is worth less then the dinar but the difference is that vietnam is STABLE, their govt and their citizens so to speak....we arent hearing about bombs goin off in the marketplace every other day and people killling themselves....can iraq do it?? of course they can, i have full faith in them....i just think for them to be able to show truely how stable they can be will take more time then we want to give them....lets be patient people, i want this just as bad as everyone and i hope im wrong when i say this but i think the conductor of our ride isent planning on letting us off quite yet.....
  9. Honestly you should quit while your ahead....doesnt that show you something about who and what your dealing with? But yet you still wanna keep sending them money?? Not trying to be rude but I think your better off asking for all your money back and closing the account....doesnt seem very professional and buisness-like to me.....just hold on to your Dinar, that way you have complete control over your hard earned money.....
  10. Ok people....lets put our heads together for a moment and think about it of course this is just my opinion and I want to hear everyone else's thoughts as well but i thought i would bring a different kind of thinking to the table and see what you all goes.....ok we all know that translating all these articles is a headache to say the least...they speak a different language and also use a completely different vocabulary of words to communicate their messages compared to our language, they dont use the same words we would to describe the same thing....keeping that in mind lets talk about all these conflicting articles that come out talking about removing/deleting the zeros and redenominating and how it relates to a RV...basically them saying that they want to remove the three zeros or delete them could be there way of simply stating getting rid of the higher for them to do that it would only make sense that they would have to raise the value of the currency and put out the smaller bills to retract all of the bigger bills to be destroyed or whatever it is they plan on doing with them....that being said thats what we all want...plain and simple...we want them to remove the zeros, by them doing that, change of some sort will need to take place....we have all heard about the newer smaller denoms waiting to be released, nothing about newer bills of the same that are out now 25k, 10k etc again thats good...but of course the smaller denoms we wont see until the currency gains value cause otherwise they would be worthless!! Redenomination is what we also want...and that is in itself is changing to the smaller bills...changing the currency by making smaller denominations of bills to be used which wouldnt make much sense for them to do at the current value so again they will need to change the currencies value...which again is what we want.....they say that a 25k note will be equal to 25 dinar note....if you think about it they could be meaning that the new 25 dinar note would have the same PURCHASING power as an old 25k note when they change the rates and values....not that the 25k note is actually only going to be 25 dinar....a 25k dinar note will still be 25k dinar no matter how you slice would be almost like saying well sir your 100 dollar bill is only 1 dollar....i dont quite think that it works that way....please someone step in and tell me if im just completely out of my mind in these thoughts hahaha....anyways what your bill has printed on it will never change...they have to honor what you have point blank...not to mention that we would all be pretty much exchanging our dinar for US dollars....not dinar for more no matter how you say it if the exchange rate is lets just say 86 cents and you hand them a 25k note, your giving them 25k dinars which would give you 21,500 US dollars when exchanged....thats why i believe the whole exchanging window is for so that you dont get screwed because lets face it, Iraq cant afford to screw anyone over with the position they are in....then after a certain point they will render those largers bills useless or null and void when they get pretty much all of them collected....and i think alot of that has to do with the fact of problems of counterfitting the bills...yes they were very smart in designing the new bills but when it comes to money people where there is a will there is a way...and i have talked to a couple of our troops fresh from Iraq and listened to them talk about all the problems of counterfitting the newer bills so i dont think im just pullin that one out of my arse....he was told thats PART of the reason for all the talk of deleting or removing the zeros from circulation, of course there are other bigger reasons but that has a little play in things...why do you think the US changes the bills every so often? so really when you see all these removing the zeros/ redenomination articles dont get scared or worried....i think its all really meaning what we want to hear them say...that they are changing the value of their currency and putting it closer in value to the american dollar...they are just using words that we arent used to using to describe the same actions....what they say and what it actually translates to in our language could very well be different....i mean hell alot of them dont even recognize the term revalue in itself....they just know their money will be worth more and that the value is changing....if you take all the articles and think what makes more sense or what would be the simplest explanation, ( cause thats usually the case) are all these articles coming out conflicting information and confusing the world on purpose or could they actually all in one way or another mean the same thing, that they are going to remove the bigger bills cause they wont need them when they raise the value of their currency.... i mean come on people we know they are not going to be taking steps back, only foward...they cant move backward and expect people to invest in their country...that just doesnt make sense no matter how you try to explain it...they are a growing country and can only come up in the world from what they were let me remind you this is all one mans opinion in the matter....just putting my thoughts forward and seeing what others think about this....please feel free to comment and add your own ideas and opinions....i mean hell we are all here for the same reason so we should get together collectively and see what everyones ideas on the matter are.....and last but not least........GO RV!!! YA DIG?!?! hahaha i have to add that yes ive had a lot to drink before writing this but hey its been on my mind for the longest and you know what they say about true thoughts and feelings coming out when your drunk hahaha....oh well......had to get it out there....nothing better to do this late at night.....
  11. Ok I stand corrected MoneyFreak....that i have not seen...I thought you were talking about a different is the same exact bill as the 5000 note but with different color....interesting....but you said you got this bill years ago??? please give more detailed information on the where and when and who you got this from......very interesting indeed!!! damnit i wish i could be over there walking the streets right now figuring out what the hell is going on!! hahaha ya dig?!?
  12. Well people just take it for what it says not for what it doesnt.....she says a significant date....maybe we will get some sort of announcement we have been waiting for...of course if its on a saturday we are not looking at a possible RV...I think its too soon for that anyways.....but could be something important that needed to be done on this road to the lets just keep our eyes and ears open and not get over worked about it....we shall see!!
  13. And to all of you that wont be paying your taxes because of this hearsay please dont call me to bail you out hahaha ya dig?!?! I have also heard what Jigga has from many sources.....that in fact currency exchange for any profit over 200 dollars you have to claim on taxes as added income....a measley what 15%?? ill gladly pay that off of what I make from this in order to stay off the radar of the IRS.....just my simple opinion.....
  14. well it would be nice to see an RI, but for the most part thats going to be currency, new govt, completely different situation going on in the country then what it was before...unfortunately we are going to have to be happy with a straight up RV....of course I will be....86 cents is nothing to sneeze at people...should be more then enough for all of us to live more comfortably.....ya dig?!?!
  15. You dont use the words confidence is growing and then relate it to lopping a currency.....its just the opposite my friend....and by saying removing three zeros from the RATE is the words i think we all have been waiting to hear....meaning taking the three zeros off the current exchange rate .00086 meaning to increase the value of the currency tremendously to an exchange rate of .86 cents....its GREAT news to hear from them.....
  16. Its because there arent any officially smaller bills out yet....they do have smaller coins but they have not been released yet from the CBI...of you go on their website you will see the two smaller denom coins but you will also see it says they are uncirculated as of right pretty sure they will all come out about the same time as when they revalue their currency...they would have too or you wont be able to buy anything....well you could but you wont be gettin any change back haha
  17. Yes I have spoken to him and keep in touch on a regular basis with him and his staff. great guy to do buisness will find diff prices everywhere but with an investment like this you get what you pay for....thats true with alot of things in life...but you get certificates of authenticity with your purchases with dinar trade and a certification from the de la rue machines which is what are used to verify that they are not counterfit....he is very trust if you buy online i would get it from can also check banks around you....i believe they would be pretty trustworthy as well seeing as how its coming from a bank....but dinar trade has a direct link with Iraq, and the banks in Iraq....
  18. I would go to dinartrade...just my opinion...did my homework on the owner and he has a good reputation with the BBB, he is registered with the US treasury and guarentees the dinar are not from criminal origin....he is a great, stand up guy....thats where I have gotten mine....but there are other sites just not sure of them.....whatever you do dont buy them off ebay.....the risk of getting fake or stolen dinar is too great.....but do some research for urself before making any decisions....
  19. You are correct in your thinking....the safest thing to do would be getting it from a bank or a reputable dealer that has exceptional ratings with the your homework on an investment like this, I personally would never buy dinar off eBay, at least my dealer can guarentee they aren't from criminal origin which is something you should look for...especially with all the past and recent robberies I can be sure they are showing up on eBay unknowingly to buyers and maybe even the sellers! I would not be suprised to see slot of pissed off people when they go to exchange their dinar and are turned away because the serial numbers are that of stolen dinar.....buyers beware! I'm glad to pay a little more with the peace of mind that my dinar were aquired legally and that I will have no problem when it comes time to exchange
  20. Regardless of how long you have held your dinar ALL currency exchange falls under short term capital gains if you make a profit over $ depending on your tax bracket will determine how much you pay in taxes....
  21. actually you can guarantee your money is in safe hands here in the US...thats what the FDIC is for smart if you had your money split up in diff accounts and something happened you will get your money....not the case with warka.....doesnt matter if there is corruption or not...thats exactly what the FDIC is for...federal insurance....can you get that with warka? no...thats the point im making....its not propaganda blowing anything out of proportion...its called wanting to have your hard earned money in a safe spot and thinking logically about it, not throwing all caution into the wind just for a little more interest with the chance of losing everything you offense to anyone here but I think that as far as the safety of things in Iraq, I would be more inclined to listen to what you all consider "poor and uneducated" citizens then someone over here speculating every moment and every action of people half a world away....all im doing is giving my opinion, not telling everyone where to put their money...that is left to you....just like to bring all sides to every story to the table so people can make educated decisions for themselves....thats what this is about right? unless im mistaken.....
  22. The lowest new notes that you can find are the 50 dinar notes.....any bills lower then that are not the new denoms that we are waiting for!
  23. So can you guarentee everyones money is 100% safe with warka? hahaha didnt think so....doesnt matter what iraq is doing....have you not seen the string of robberies lately? if that happens where anyones money is being stored your least with american banks you have some insurance...i was told by an Iraqi to not put your money directly in their hands but please dont take my word for it.....its just hearsay right??
  24. Just be very careful and know that you are risking losing everything with a warka will have no insurance coverage on the money in your could wake up the next day and ALL your money be gone and there would be nothing at all you could do. Yes you can earn interest on your dinar and makes it easier if you want to invest in the ISX but to me the risk isent worth it.....I bought into this investment after doing alot of research and coming to the conclusion that the dinar itself is a pretty low risk as far as what you can lose...but i wont be taking it any further then that...i work hard for my money and would like to keep it if at all must think to yourself, if the iraqis themselves are saying to stay away from the banks and do not put your money into their hands, do you really think you know better then them whats going on in their own country? just thought id share my thoughts with you......GO RV!!!
  25. Im originally from Raleigh....just moved out here to Phoenix 2 years ago......I love wearing my panthers hat out here and seeing the reaction of people hahaha....i hate the cardinals!!! but regards to your coins yes at one point they were being used but not very long....good collectors item though at this point....
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