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The second half of the email i recieved

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January 5th, 2011

I wanted to send out an update on what is going on with Iraq and why we haven’t had an RV yet. Let me first say, the

RV is a for-real deal — all of these delays we have seen are explanatory and backed by media research; they are not

made up excuses to why time frames come and go.

We are not making excuses for an RV not occurring during a specific time frame, but considering the magnitude of

such an event, it is in everyone’s best interest (ours and Iraq’s) that everything runs smoothly. Keep in mind, many of

these investors have been waiting SEVEN YEARS for this time period. I myself have waited two years, and I can tell

you, NOW is the time to get excited. We are approaching the end.

Shabibi (the CBI director, the man in charge of the RV) has stated in more than 70 articles since last February that it

is his intent to remove the 3 0′s currency from circulation “directly” upon the formation of the government. The

reason why the government must be in place is one, for security after an RV; two, to authorize the release of the

smaller denominations after an RV; and third, to be able to pass any necessary legislature that arises from an RV

(amended budget laws, the cancellation of government subsidies for food, the release of finances for private sector

development after Iraq transfers to a market economy, i.e., ‘free trade of the dinar’).

The UN has removed ALL SANCTIONS pertaining to the dinar. The IMF has DEMANDED that Iraq switch from a

contractionary monetary policy to an expansionary monetary policy for development of the private sector (an

expansionary monetary policy is also called a market economy, allowing free trade of international goods and

services, requiring an internationally recognized LOCAL currency — not the USD, but the IQD — this is in Article VIII

of the IMF’s statutes).

In order to remove the three zero bills, there MUST be a declared international value to the dinar (for us, that is an RV

— who knows what that declared value will be, but it will definitely be higher than 1170:$1; I personally feel it will be

between $2-$2.50, from my own research, but of course, it could be as low as 1:1).

On December 21, 2010, after nine months of stalemate, Iraq’s parliament was finally able to approve Maliki as the

Prime Minister and accept 28 out of 42 of his cabinet members. The other 14 were assigned by proxy to be filled in as

worthwhile candidates were put forth. Technically, Iraq constitutionally can allow this; however, their constitution

states that a government is only formed when “parliament ratifies the prime minister and his cabinet.” This is why the

RV has not occurred yet, because the cabinet is not officially formed.

Now, since Dec. 21, Iraq has moved with lightning speed and has confirmed all but 3 cabinet members. So Maliki has

39 out of 42 finalized. The remaining three are Security, Interior and Energy — three biggies. Keep in mind, Iraq must

have security in place in order to RV; the Interior is huge because it deals with the land of Iraq and the development

of it; and of course, Energy is important because a large portion of the finances will go to updating Iraq’s TERRIBLE

energy constraints (currently most Iraqi’s only have electricity 5 hours per day).

The reason why these three are so difficult to post is that there are very few qualified Iraqi’s to fill these positions.

The ones that have been nominated so far were found to be fraudulent (they paid for their degrees and didn’t attend


Further, the new Minister of Finance, upon looking at the budget and conferring with the Kurds, realized the budget

had serious issues in it that have been overlooked in the past, so he asked for an additional week to fix these

problems before presenting the budget to be passed by parliament.

Lastly, Allawi’s new Security Council has had to be ratified by parliament as well (this is the new check/balance

equation that was placed on Maliki as a condition of his retaining the prime minister office.)

According to the constitution, Iraq’s last parliamentary session was required to close down for the end of the year —

it’s funny because they were only is session 10 days (December 21-31) since they wasted NINE MONTHS in declaring

Maliki’s PM status.

They were going to take a two week break, but the President of Parliament (is it Talabani, or the other guy — I get

the two confused) said no way, we’re going to continue working in “closed parliament” sessions and declare the new

year’s opening session to begin January 9, 2011.

They did this so that Maliki, Allawi, the Minister of Finance and parliament could continue working on the above three

issues, so that when they meet in “open session” they can get this stuff done ASAP.

Since the New Year, we have seen several articles: one stating that it appears Allawi is ready to have his council

ratified by parliament on January 9; two, that at least two of the three missing cabinets members have been

nominated and go to vote on January 9 (the newest article says they may have found all three, but we’re not 100%

sure); third, that the budget is ready to go to parliament on January 10 for its first of three readings.

So, God willing, the 9th and 10th should be very busy days for all of us. If Allawi’s council is set, if the three ministers

are approved, if the budget goes to parliament, we could potentially see an immediate RV between the 10th and the


Most likely, according to the history of when Iraq RV’d in the past, they mainly did it on Sundays and Mondays.

Occasionally they did it on Thursday and Tuesday, NEVER on a Friday or Wednesday. So we favor each Sunday and

Monday as the most probable time to see an RV.

Can monkey wrenches be thrown in this? Absolutely. They might not approve all three ministers. Allawi’s council may

hit snags. Technically, the budget must be read by parliament three times (January 10, 11, 12) before being voted on

and becoming law. They are not required by law to read it three days in a row, so it could be dragged out.

But the point is, FINALLY, Iraq IS working on this, they are getting this done and moving much faster than we’ve seen

in five years. An article was released today saying that everyday they postpone the budget, they run the risk of

upsetting the foreign investors (that’s you and I!) Well, no duh!

Iraq is aware of the RV and they are working towards its completion. They know we are waiting for it just as they are.

I have never been MORE CONVINCED that this RV is going to occur and occur in the immediate future — NOT months

away; weeks — even days away, provided these three steps are solidified in an announced government.

Yes, Shabibi said he intended to RV before year’s end. Except he has no more control over political junk than you or

me. He, too, must wait for his country to get their government set and operational, fully, before releasing an RV of

this magnitude. He has reiterated time and again, “directly following” the formation of the government will see the

process of the RV begin.

So, do I know this is going to happen? Yes. I have studied this for two years now — an RV will occur in Iraq. What’s

the rate? Who knows, and at this point, who cares? When will it happen? I believe very soon, as soon as within the

next 7-14 days, provided Iraq finally solidifies a government that has been in limbo since Christmas 2009.

Hang in there — they are working, they will do this, and it’s quite possibly a lot sooner than you and I think.

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EXMO affiliate program

Brisco, my opinion isn't worth much, (about as much as the current dinar), but it's gonna blow buddy!! You and I will be be wealthy uneducated millionaires!! LOL. Just wait till the ivy league bumps into you and me! IMF will absolutely pull the trigger if must be! Their will be a whole new war in the streets if SOMEONE doesn't do it!

Gotta get kids to school, catch you later!

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I don't know who wrote this email that was sent to you, but it's extremely well thought-out and covers all of the issues that have been holding up the RV. We may not like hearing that there are still housekeeping issues that parliament has to vote on, but knowing what's left on the list is better than not knowing.

Thanks for the post!

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Please don't give me -'s I am just passing on info that i received by email.


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Beaver GREAT post

In your years of learning have you ran across information about the IMF's ability to supersede the GOI in the RV

I ran acorss this and wondered if it had any validity. Would you mind responing Thanks.


My understanding is that Iraq is in control of their own RV, but the sanctions in the passed has limited them from their own control, but with the recent sanctions lifting, IMO i believe they are in control of their own RV.


I don't know what those marks mean and i have been here a long time to know how sometimes things can be blown out of proportion, i put that because I just passed on an email i received and in the past when others have done the same they got treated poorly, i don't post a lot but i know what is good info and what is not.. and if it was bogus info i wouldn't have put it up, just look at the positive feedback it has received and the truth to it....

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