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The Hague says claims of war crimes by UK troops have 'reasonable basis'

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International criminal court to press ahead with investigating allegations that British forces mistreated detainees in Iraq



Owen Bowcott Legal affairs correspondent

Monday 4 December 2017 22.17 GMT





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They are going to crucify some enlisted white guy with nothing more than rumor for evidence in order to justify their self righteous witch hunt.

Every single jackal they captured alive should have been tortured to death in the most heinous ways possible.

They should have allowed civilian parents who were forced to watch their infant bleed out after a car bombing, or a relative of a young girl take away and forced to endure months of their drug fueled deviant demands.

Then they all needed to be buried with pig parts shoved into every cavity.

Those rotten dirtbag fanatics have wiped out entire families, they have destroyed the possibility of any child alive in the middle east entering adulthood with any security or balance, which means it will take at least two generations for any emotional scars to heal enough to not adversely affect every single individuals life outlook.

It will take the Middle East several generations to offset the death toll.


Anyone watch a series called "The Volunteers"?

It's about an American that goes over to film the impact of the war, winds up having to volunteer to serve with the Kurds, and spends months working in an ambulence trying to save lives, and he filmed it.

When you seer the carnage unfiltered by the MSM, see the parents react as their 6 month old baby bleeds out, listen as wounded ISIS fighters beg for leniency, your blood will boil, when you see first hand death and suffering after some demon does a car bomb, you can almost smell the sickening stench of burned flesh and bowel fluids leaking as they are desperately trying to stop an 8 year old kids bleeding from a socket that had an arm coming out of it just a few minutes ago.


I had to pause it several times, sometimes I just sat there and cried, but felt I had to finish it, out of respect for those who were forced to live it.

There is no abstract hypothetical conjecture required, and then to see these bleeding heart idiots decide to persecute a solder for being human you will understand the total hypocrisy.


Take your "higher ethics" and shove em where the sun don't shine, each one of those monsters needs to die a horrible and soul shattering painful death as they are sent to their eternity in hell for what they help do to innocent humans.

It also puts all those politician's demanding we allow more economic refugees in in a whole different and very unflattering light.

There's no possible way Merkel hasn't seen even worse film, there's no way she is making her stand without being paid off.


Look it up, each show is about 1 1/2 hours long, and you may be changed for life.


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