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The ring that never was

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          A young married lady was expecting a excellent birthday gift from her husband of several months. As they walked in the mall passed the jewelry store window she stopped him and pointed him to the Diamond ring she wanted. Oh, it was huge and beautiful and she made sure he knew that was what she wanted. He just smiled at her at her carrying on like a child at Christmas. He was a very good husband, applied his Christian morals in many ways and went to church every Sunday. She hadn't quiet decided to go with him or relent of some of her high strung spirited ways.


          But he was patient and knew that she would maybe one day, even so he loved her very much. Finally on the morning of her birthday he called her into his study  where he was holding a beautifully wrapped box. It was bigger than a ring box but maybe he was playing a joke on her. He told her how much he loved her and that he was proud of her as a wife. She didn't hear a word he said because she kept starring at the box he was holding. Her head was filled with images of that ring. He handed her the box and she tore into it like a mad man only to find a beautiful leather bound Bible with her name on it. She was stunned and the anger was building as she laid the box down on the corner of his desk never even taking it out of the box at all. Her anger was raging into being furious at him and she told him with all you money and you bought me a bible.


          She picked up her keys and purse and stormed out the door. She was gone until he went to work then returned and packed her things and left and moved to city one hundred miles away. She found a job at successful company and quickly moved up the ladder to her own success. Almost a year had passed and neither one had filed for divorce. Deep down inside she still loved him a little and he still loved her and was waiting for her to maybe come home one day.


         One day she received a telegram telling her that her husband had passed away and that she needed to come and make arraignments for him to be buried. It also said that all his possessions was willed to her as she was still his legal wife. She traveled to the town she left and then to the lawyers office. She was again told that everything he owned was hers to do as she pleased with. A few tears began to well up in her eyes but it has been a while so she made the arraignments and went to the house they both shared together. As she opened the door she walked through the house and memories was rushing through her mind as she walked into his study, there lay the Bible right where she left it on the corner of his desk. She picked it up and sat down admiring its beauty and finally decided to take it out of the box. As she did a small box was under it and she opened it and there was the ring she wanted. Her heart was breaking as she was reading the note that said, not only do I want you to have this ring, I want you to go to church with me also and here is your beautiful Bible......I love you more than words can say.


          She took the beautiful ring out of its box and put it on her finger then looked at the Bible and said, God please forgive me, what have I done. My selfish anger has caused this man to pass away without me being there with him. He did what I ask and I messed it up. She looked again at the note and the last line said, I will love you forever.




How many times have we missed blessings from God or from someone else because they are not packaged the way we think they should be. All of us should remember things sometimes aren't always as seems.


Do not spoil what has already been given to you by rushing to desire what you do not have, but remember that what you have now was once among the things you hoped for.









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Reminds me of the book "Acres of Diamonds"...where we often overlook the real treasure while we are off looking for that "something else that often evades us!

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