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Kobler the boycotters are urging a return to the House of Representatives and the Minister

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Kobler the boycotters are urging a return to the House of Representatives and the Minister




16/04/2013 12:00 am 

Met Sistani in Najaf 

Najaf Hussein Kaabi 

called the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Martin Kobler, boycotters to return to the Council of Ministers, while stressing match vision with the religious authority in Najaf on the need to approve laws to be amended with the Constitution. 

said Kobler in press conference in Najaf on Monday, after meeting Grand Supreme Ali al-Sistani: "The boycott by some political blocs of the Council of Ministers were not successful," adding that "we must be both the House and Minister powerful to exercise their duties as required." 

and stressed Kobler During the conference which was attended by the (morning), "the importance of national partnership in these institutions and not weaken it to withdraw them," in the time noted that "the United Nations has no special position of early elections." 

and what House during his meeting with Mr. Sistani and the position of last situation Currently, said Kobler that His Eminence shared with concern the current situation more than ever, and he urges the United Nations to take a greater role for mediation between the political components, as it represents neutrality toward current events. " 

With regard to the position of the United Nations of amendments of some laws including accountability and justice, between Kobler it was "not the UN mission in Iraq's attitude toward political decisions demanded by the demonstrators." 

and added that "the political blocs must be discussed important laws among them for approval in parliament in accordance with the Constitution," pointing to "The compatibility of laws to be amended with the Constitution and not to deviate from its context, is what you want reference as well." 

promised Kubler "local council elections on April 20 next important things for the continuation and strengthening of democratic Iraq," stressing "Reza UN and appreciation for the work of the Electoral Commission for elections during this period. "

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