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  1. alloywheelmaster

    Adam Montana 11 April 2018

    Thanks Adam for all your time and input Go RV
  2. alloywheelmaster

    Adam Montana Weekly 21 March 2018

    I just ask Google and this is what it showed me at 4:45 mountain standard time I live in Arizona
  3. alloywheelmaster

    Adam Montana Weekly 24 January 2018

    Wow that was EXCELLENT ADVICE. Loved the 401k idea and the $10.00 a week idea. 🥃🏆🏆🥇🥇
  4. alloywheelmaster

    Adam Montana Weekly 24 January 2018

    FYI because I did not know this at first you did not have to buy a whole Bitcoin all at once you can buy a tenth of a coin 50 bucks whatever you can afford to buy just buy what you can afford.... Also you can go the other option like I did and bought some Litecoin actually or ethereum but just wanted to give you some information case you don't have it
  5. alloywheelmaster

    Adam Montana Weekly 24 January 2018

    I want to buy some more crypto so can you please come back with the RV date and rate LOL
  6. alloywheelmaster

    Adam Montana Weekly 17 January 2018

    Thanks for the update and your time you put in. Coinbase to Binance ROCKS. Makes it so easy to buy crytos. Rock bottom prices. Go RV. Have a Blessed day everyone
  7. alloywheelmaster

    Warka Account Holders

    I did exactly what you said and I DID hear from Mohammed Issa after not looking at my account for 2 years. Thank you very much for this advice. I also learned if you don't access your account on a reg Bases your password will not be valid and that was exactly what happened to me, have my new password and loving what I see with the interest I have accumulated. Go RV. Now want to get involved in the ISX WISH ME LUCK.LOL
  8. alloywheelmaster

    Hey, Where is Luigi? Vacation?

    He must have "cashed in" at a HIGH rate of course😂😂😎
  9. alloywheelmaster


    I'm sorry didn't know that. I'm all good. Just waiting for that magical text from you. Hmmmm yeah any day now. LoL👀👀🤞😎😎😎
  10. alloywheelmaster

    Adam Montana Weekly 9 August 2017

    I for one find this encouraging for whatever reason. We are just so dang close I can just feel it. Safe travels my friend

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