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  2. Prayer

    In Jesus' name Amen
  3. I may not have put this question in the right forum....itis just a question. We have just been wondering what their reasoning was to add all of that currency to our fact taking a risk for hyper-inflation. Could they have been getting ready for an RV of the IQD.
  4. i just wondered if they were getting ready for an influx of people cashing them in.
  5. I am sorry if I would offend anyone, or bring up this subject if it doesn't make sense, but what if there is a connection between the feds printing so much cash and so many Americans holding dinars waiting for an RV.
  6. Just Placed a Reserve Order

    i just reserved some too through DT. I called and asked that question. They told me as long as I paid the balance by the thirty days, they would send me my order, whether it RVd or not.
  7. Why ALI & Dinar Trade is where OUR IQD is headed

    I am sorry, but what is a DB. regarding cashing in dinars when it RVs
  8. OK, I need some advice..Do I invest everything I can?

    Thank you for all of your opinions...time is really the issue here. We just heard about it so we havent had the luxery of buying a little at a time. My husband is definitaly on board...he feels we need to invest all we can since time is of the essence. I hope and pray this happens..,It seems all of you have invested for many years and waited a long time. Has anything happened before that caused everyone to think that it was going to "happen" soon? Is this the first time that it has seemed so close? Thank you again for spending some time helping us out. And Oh, by the way...WE are the blessed ones from adopting. The joy that children bring can be really amazing! God bless!!
  9. OK...We are parents to 6 children...3 birth children and 3 adopted. We live on a pretty tight budget, but are self-employed and can make some extra money if we need to. Can I ask a really stupid question? How sure is everyone of this RV? I have spent hours reading online, trying to get a feel for the situation, but I just need some advice. How risky is it to use money to invest in this, if you should be spending the money, on say, credit card bills and such. Is it worth being late on some payments to take a chance on this? We have a huge responsability in taking care of our family of 8....all the more reason to really look at the possibilities here. We have bought 326,000 so far. Thank you to anyone that feels confident in givng us advice!
  10. I have just purchased my first dinars, and would like to know if they need to be registered wth the US treasury to be able to sell them when they RV. Thank you to anyon that can help.

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