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  1. Still with the 800 #s! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Makes it all kinda sound like a Publishers Clearing House promotion, doesn't it?
  2. OhmEye

    Google the rate! Big change!

    From the same goofy eggheads that gave us this? The ones who want to drive our cars?!!
  3. 800 #s That there's some goofy stuff.
  4. This could actually be the catalyst which will finally spark off Iraq's play for independence.
  5. OhmEye

    Starman Live

    As kewl as this is, there's still something eerily sad about the imagery...
  6. This government shutdown is being painted as a bad thing. I'm not sure why. If it's like the previous shutdowns, all it amounts to is a paid vacation for government parasites. We the People are much better off if these bureaucrats sit at home on their fluffy pillows. Fewer bonehead decisions being made is a win-win all the way around!
  7. Why in the hell would you want to look at the city?!!
  8. "Do not worry" And...for God's sake NEVER sell your birthright for an "800 number"!
  9. OhmEye


    I already have clear instructions for y'all. Wait until the published exchange rate is in a neighborhood that is agreeable to you and then take your dinar to a currency exchange or bank which offers such services and exchange it for dollars or whatever currency you fancy. Voila! You are done!
  10. Thank you for editing. It is all so very clear now. Never a worder said was true!
  11. Here we go with the telephone numbers again. Can someone please explain what this has to do with a routine currency exchange?
  12. Again with the 800 #'s? To exchange currency, we will need to physically take our currency to a currency exchange or a bank which provides such a service. What is all this concern over 800 #'s?
  13. It may be some kind of religious tradition I'm not familiar with.

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