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  1. Why in the hell would you want to look at the city?!!
  2. "Do not worry" And...for God's sake NEVER sell your birthright for an "800 number"!

    I already have clear instructions for y'all. Wait until the published exchange rate is in a neighborhood that is agreeable to you and then take your dinar to a currency exchange or bank which offers such services and exchange it for dollars or whatever currency you fancy. Voila! You are done!
  4. Thank you for editing. It is all so very clear now. Never a worder said was true!
  5. Here we go with the telephone numbers again. Can someone please explain what this has to do with a routine currency exchange?
  6. Again with the 800 #'s? To exchange currency, we will need to physically take our currency to a currency exchange or a bank which provides such a service. What is all this concern over 800 #'s?
  7. It may be some kind of religious tradition I'm not familiar with.
  8. You know, we didn't need a telephone number to buy our currency, and we won't need one to sell it. Sure a lot of silly ideas floating around
  9. Did they ever get the website going for obamacare?
  10. Friend says group cashed in at $3.71

    Well, you DID post after all, didn’t you? I would just like to see some courageous souls start to follow up their posts with news updates.
  11. Friend says group cashed in at $3.71

    That is impossible. It is why I asked.
  12. Friend says group cashed in at $3.71

    Did you mean $3.71 to the DINAR?
  13. RBear - TNT: Surprise Bank Story !

    This is such wonderful news!

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