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Wheelchair-Bound Football Player Scores Touchdown

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Heart-Warming: Wheelchair-Bound Football Player Scores Touchdown

Posted on November 3, 2011 at 10:09am by Jonathon M. Seidl Print »Email »

Trent Glaze loves football. In fact, he even wants to coach it one day. But as a high school football player he also had a dream of getting on the field. That may sound like a simple goal, but Glaze has muscular dystrophy and is confined to a wheelchair. But despite his physical setback, his dream came true on last Friday night.

It was his opportunity to shine,” Fairfield Union (Ohio) coach Tom McCurdy told WBNS-TV. “He’s my right-hand man. He’s always telling me what we need to do (and) what needs to improve.”

But on Friday, the “right-hand man” became his star player. WBNS explains the play and the reaction:

After the clock ran out Friday against Teays Valley, both took the field for one final play.

“I was thinking, ‘Man, it’s going to happen,’” Glaze said. “I didn’t think it would.”

“Big T,” as his teammates call him, ran the play, called a 29 sweep.

“(I) got the ball and ran it in the end zone, got a touchdown,” Glaze said.

McCurdy called the touchdown one of his greatest moments in 33 years of coaching.

“Hopefully our young people – our players – will take his drive, his heart and run with it for years to come,” McCurdy said.

“I still get butterflies thinking about it,” Glaze said.

Glaze recently sat down with ABC News and described the moment:

(Sorry, tried to load video but was unsuccessful. Can see at link provided.)

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