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In all reality....

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People keep talking about lops, and zeros, and trillions of dinars.

Ok, lets say there is actually the nine trillion paper dinars in the "float" for lack of a better word..... and say there really is about 30 trillion dinars total, with the paper and digital money we hear about. Well, what if they r/v'd for 20 cents???

Think about it. that would be a substantial increase in value for the Iraqis, and also, would create a total number of dinar value of about six trillion U.S. Dollars. Is that not a reasonable amount of money for this nation, with these oil reserves???

Now, that is not on a par with surrounding nations, so I don't know how that could fly, but it sure makes no sense to not create new wealth to some point when it is within their power to do so. away!! FT

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