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  1. Hello all. As well as a location for the "Meet eachother" party or parties, I think we need to start a "Dinar Millionaires" club for those of us that have worked hard and or struggled most of our lives to share in the blessings God has given us through this opportunity. It can be a philanthropy, investment, idea exchanging organization, where I am sure some new very high quality lifelong friends will be met. Best to all. FT
  2. Thanks guys and gals for your service. (First Cav) Army 72-74
  3. Charles45. Thank you for your info. That is exactly what I posted about yesterday, and a time or two before....I have always felt those were the 000's they were going to remove. That helps the people of Iraq immeasureably, and is not too high as to be undoable. I pray you are correct, and judging by the way you write, I tend to think you are as credible, if not more so, than the majority of posters. Best to all. FT
  4. ......who says if they did the never retreating lop.,,,,,,,, who's to say they don't just take off two zeros instead of three. The 25k note becomes 250, the ten k note becomes 100....they rv at a reasonable rate, and could still get the large denom bills out of circulation as they are deposited and or spent. Opinions???? I don't think there is a rule that all 3 zeros would have to go if they did their assnine lop!! I'm hoping for anything over ten cents, and all currency remain redemable at their face value Best to all!!!! FT
  5. CDLadner......Otis died of too much jack daniels
  6. ...Lets say just for grins that we all get screwed with the 25k becoming 25. Total disaster, and I can't believe it will or would happen. But just for conversation, what would then happen to a million Dinar in a WARKA account.....a dinar is a dinar isn't it??? Will they reduce those by a thousand times also.....and then what would happen to the Iraquis money in the bank???all of a sudden the little they have turns to a miniscule amount?? I sure wish this would hurry up and get over. Best to all. FT
  7. Well Earnest T, I certainly would be happy if you are correct. Say Hi to Andy and Barney for me.....oh yea, don't forget Opie and Aunt Bee!!
  8. ......removed from the Dinar on the exchange rate. Making it .86 cents to the dinar. Otherwise just removing digits from the large bills, which they also say they won't do..(in some articles)has no benifit for the Iraquis and also. Prices would be changed on the items, but buying power would not be affected. What say you all??? Take care. FT
  9. The main problem with cashing in with Ali, or a similar operation is not (in my opinion) related to honesty or fairness, they are issues of security. THese amounts of funds, if realized, are staggering. It would be very easy for organized thugs to "hit" an unsuspecting new millionaire in a parking lot or while entering the place, or even take down the whole place when five or ten patrons are waiting in line to "cash in". Now I am hopeful, though pesemistic about what a rv will or might come in at, but when cashing in at a Bank, there are hundreds if not thousands of customers going and
  10. Because I wanted the original author to read it, and sometimes with all the follow ups things get burried.
  11. .....understand your theory, hope it is wrong. However I think the return you are suggesting would be two times your investment instead of three. It's about three times the amount, but the profit would be about 200%. A good return, by normal standards, but hey.....we want the brass ring here!!!! Take care. FT
  12. People keep talking about lops, and zeros, and trillions of dinars. Ok, lets say there is actually the nine trillion paper dinars in the "float" for lack of a better word..... and say there really is about 30 trillion dinars total, with the paper and digital money we hear about. Well, what if they r/v'd for 20 cents??? Think about it. that would be a substantial increase in value for the Iraqis, and also, would create a total number of dinar value of about six trillion U.S. Dollars. Is that not a reasonable amount of money for this nation, with these oil reserves??? Now, that is
  13. Well, I do. Every day, and about everything!! Especially health. Now, I do pray for this r/v, and the windfall that ""might"" be realized by those of us that have taken this risk. I pray for the new wealth that may be created, every bit as much for those that I will be able to help. if in fact this comes to fruition. One of my most desired goals is to sponsor my church in opening a homeless shelter,(and they don't even know it's my idea) only for those with "special needs", not for able bodied homeless that are in their situation simply for bad choices in life, but for t
  14. Lets at least hope for a dime!!! or something realistic. Just lopping off the zero's does nothing but keep the citizens in poverty. They need a recognized value on a par with the rest of the region, more or less. Hopefully this doesn't end up that way.. I still can't imagind Ali opening satalite offices to break even. No one will be lining up to cash in for what it is now. blah blah blah Best to all. FT
  15. MD Automotive Can you tell me who your contact was to obtain this info. Thanks FT
  16. Hey Triathlete??? Have you had any luck gaining access to your warka account online??? I cannot even get anyone there to return an email?? Thanks. FT
  17. Yes, I was just useing ten dinars as an example for when the new notes are issued. How do you come up with the $8. I am hoping the three zeros they get rid of are to the left of the current dollar value, which would equal an r/v to about eighty some cents. Hence 8 bucks as you say. Can you explain how you came up with your number. Thank You. FT
  18. ...I have written emails to five different contacts there, repeatedly (and very politely) asking for online access to my account. It seems ludicrous that one can't just go to their web site and click a link to enter their information and access their accounts, just like any bank here. HELP!!!!!!! FT
  19. ....otherwise a ten dinar note would be worth less than a U.S. Penny. Does that make any sense? I really don't think they would spend more to print the notes than the value of the notes, while they have to carry suitcases of cash around to buy anything. I am actually starting to believe this thing may actually make us a lot of miney. Because in all reality, most of the currencies in the world are backed by nothing of real value, and are only worth whatever the percieved value is by the rest of the world. At least Iraq has trillions of dollars worth of oil. Also, in the toeal
  20. You have a point there. If they don't rv at a higher rate, and then just lop off the zeros, and issue smaller denominations, then a ten dinar note would be worth less than a penny at the current rate.....that adds a new perspective as to how this may or may not work. Thanks Dryden
  21. Karina. No, actually I can't find a phone number. Any ideas?? Thanks. FT
  22. call for english speakers??? I have sent seven emails to five different individuals so about 35 messages total, trying to get access to my online account. Can not get any reply in over a month when they told me how many dinars and dollars of mine are sitting in Iraq. I sure hope they don't end up sitting there permanantly. :-)
  23. This is not a stock. It is money. I don't think the worldwide powers that be can or would allow much of a fluctuation in value. Just doesn't make sense. Does anyone have history on such happenings??? Thanks. FT
  24. would someone please post the cashing in instructions from Ali. Can't seem to find it on his site. I found how to sell now, but not after the phantom r/v-r/i. Thanks. FT
  25. Leroy2u Unfortunately I am on call to leave within 24 hours of a phone call. I am racking my brain to make arrangements with p of a for a trusted friend.
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