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I finally got my account open and went to my bank (chase) to send the wire to fund it and my bank says that the info I have is too vague.

When they go to fill out the form, the swift code is not recognized and it goes down hill from there.

what info do I use for Beneficiary bank and intermediary bank?? What is the FED Wire number for?

This is what Warka sent me:

Dear Mr. xxx,

Thank you for choosing Warka Bank for Investment and Finance and for taking interest in our services

Your USD savings account no. is: ### / ######/ #/ ####/ #

Your IQD savings account no. is: ###/ ######/ #/ ####/ #

We have currently established banking relations with Citibank NY where you can direct your funds using the below details:

Warka Bank for Investment and Finance USD Account Number at Citibank : 36908969

Account Name at Citibank: Warka Bank for Investment & Finance

Corresponding Bank Name: Citibank NA

Branch: New York

BIC - Swift Address: CITIUS33

Fed Wire: 021000089

Beneficiary name and account number : Your name and account number at Warka Bank for Investment and Finance.

Best regards,

Customer Accounts Dept.

International Affairs

Warka Bank for Investment and Finance

Any help you can provide will be GREATLY appreciated


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I know what you're going through as I had some of the same problems funding my account. Let's see if we can get this done and 'school' your bank (as I had to mine).

I had my bank make a copy of my wire transfer so it would be easier the next time I went to fund my account.

First off, I didn't have to use the SWIFT code. I believe the 'Fed Wire' or Receiving Routing/ABA Number (on my form) replaces the SWIFT.

The Beneficiary bank is Al-Warka.

Now, the weird thing that I did on my wire; at the top of my form it asks for the Receiving Bank Name, (or in your case intermediary bank) to which I put CITI BANK N.A. They are receiving the funds but not being credit to them, if that makes sense.

If it asks for an address I had to look them up and this is the address that I used:

111 Wall St. New York, NY. 10005-3509

Further down on my form it asks for


CREDIT TO: to which I addressed

Warka Bank For Investment & Finance-Main Branch

Hay Alwihda-Sec. 902-14 Street Bldg 50

Baghdad, Iraq (no zip/country code)

Hope this helps, any more questions just let me know.

BTW, good work on the "pictures" in the other forum. :twothumbs:

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