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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

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Hey FP...... It is good to see you again and welcome back.

Thanks man! It's nice to feel so welcomed!

If my memory serves, you are one of the original believers in a LOP......

Well, I hardly think so. I may have been outspoken, but I learned about redenomination here on DV. After reading a lot and doing my best to consider it all without bias, I am admittedly pretty pessimistic. But, not an originator, by any stretch of the imagination.

Well you have alot of company now. You used to have a lot of discussions with Enorrste and Gankans. Well guess what, they got the boot here and when to 3 other sites before starting their own site with a third lunatic named TerryK.

Yeah, E! (which stands for Ennorste and the Entertainment! Channel--more or less synonymous with one another) was ridiculous, IMHO. What annoyed me most is that he shamelessly led so many people down the primrose path like a pied piper, tootin' his flute. And the combination of his lengthy convoluted affirmations were easy for a lot of people to get behind. One, massive "Yeah, what he said" party. I always suspected he had ulterior motives and took advantage of people's trust. If he were just some dummy, I wouldn't have cared so much, but he was obviously a really smart guy, and it seemed that he abused it to mislead people. To what end? Not sure. If you were here and take offense at my characterization of him, how many of you who were here at the time can deny how much cheerleading he constantly did during his time, and where is the RV that he was so certain of so long ago? Probably a dinar dealer in disguise or maybe a competitor. I highly doubt he is a disinterested party who has put so much time and energy into convincing people what a great idea it is to own a lot of IQD. I, however, had nothing to gain from being so vocally doubtful. Gankans was just his lackey. They both left shortly before I went on vacation and moved on to greener pastures myself (albeit voluntarily in my case) so I knew about their departure back then.

I'm not surprised about them being in cahoots with TerryK. I don't know the guy myself, but my wife's ex-husband got into IQD and was mesmerized by that guy for awhile until he realized the roller coaster that he was being taken on. He stopped listening to him in short order (and not at any urging of mine as I had no idea about his connection to E&G until your reply.)

But, you are correct...... Same old song and dance around here. If you would like to make some new friends around here that are big Lopsters also. Try and hook up with; keepmwlknfny, Ore or froto. They are on the same page as you are. If you are open minded to more information and to challenge what you have believed for so long, I would encourage you to read the great research performed by scooter. Don't be disappointed because he does not do dates and rates. Only studies of the IMF, UNAMI, MOP, MOF, CBI, UNSC, Ernst and Young and so many more public documents.

Honestly, I am not terribly interested in too actively participating in all the banter back and forth. I'm not selling anytime soon, and all our talking + $5 will buy a cup of Starbucks when all is said and done. The last 14 months and every day that goes by from here forward further invalidates all of the cheerleading (for my money). I'm glad for everyone who has hope, but I have a personal distaste for letting one's hope prevent rational thought or objectivity. Clearly, there will still be plenty of 'the same song and dance' as you say. And I don't want to sift through it all for some hidden gems that guys like Scooter can provide. But for the time that I do spend on the board, I'll be interested especially in seeing what these guys (and gals?) have to say.

The lobsters one trick pony argument has become that Iraq has 27 trillion in circulation and can't do anything about it except to LOP/RV at best. Then youll see that the last 58 RV's have been a straight LOP. There you have it...... You are up to speed now......would love to hear your thoughts now that the majority of the chapterVII sanctions have been removed and much of Iraq's debt has been forgiven. You might might to see or read some of the comments from the governor of the CBI Dr. Shabbi.

Here is the bottom line for you our long lost friend. 1170 to 1 is a program rate. It is going to change. That is a guarantee. I believe their currency is worth quite a bit more than today. It has been pegged to the dollar. The dollar is down almost 20 percent. Iraq has been saving perhaps hundreds of billions in their DFI account. Oil is now over 110 per barrel since you were gone. Shabby was in DC 2 weeks ago to talk about removing zeros and increasing purchasing power for all Iraqi's. This has all the lobsters energized now. There you have it. You are up to speed now. Welcome back.

I agree; CBI/MOF has been artificially controlling the exchange rate to stabilize at 1170 for several years now. My presumption is that this is to show capable management of the economy and currency over a long term and varying conditions. I suspect that this is a prerequisite from the IMF, World Bank (Rothschilds et. al.?) as redenomination never happens until after high inflation and then a period of stability.

All in all, a far better synopsis than one could ever expect (without having to purchase it!) So thanks for the detailed reply. I almost feel like I never left!

Much Obliged,


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