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Everyone that is posting to get there count up!! Please post in this thread!!

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Don't Live in the Past - Don't worry So Much About the Future - Live In the Here and Now ...

HEAVEN #3356 A New Refrain, February 1, 2010

God said to Enoch:

In life, you are like a silhouette of Who you are. The finite edges of the picture you see of yourself may be clear, yet you see not the center of yourself. You would like to believe that you are more than the eye can see, and yet you can't see your splendor. You climb up a hill, carrying heavy luggage, and wonder why your feet drag and your climb is slow.

Put down your luggage. You will run up the mountain side like a gazelle when you drop your luggage.

By luggage, of course, I mean the past. Must the past be so influential in your life? Must you carry it around with you? Must you drag it around as if you were chained to it?

The past has its limitations, beloveds, and yet you carry these limitations around with you. This does not weight life in your favor.

If the past were food, you would digest it and be ready for another meal later. However, in the case of the past, you regurgitate it. Or the past sticks in your craw.

Even if you had the most wonderful past, it's necessary to let go of it, for there is evolution waiting for you. Better moments are yet to come. You don't want to spend all of your life in kindergarten. You want to be promoted to a higher grade each year. Give yourself permission to step out of the past. No matter how harrowing or nurturing the past has been, step into new shoes today.

Be born anew. Let's have a new play on the stage of life today.

Looking backwards froze Lot's wife into a pillar of salt. We could say she was frozen in time. She froze herself, you understand. It was not sleight of hand on My part. To be frozen in time isn't what I desire for you. Step forward. Step lively. Be light of foot, beloveds. Enter Eternity.

Free yourself from the past once and for all. This is another way of saying to go higher. The past, even the most wonderful past, is not up to date. It is not even up to par. The past has outlived its usefulness. You are to skip out of the past, the long-distant past as well as a moment ago,

For how long do you eat reheated food before you say enough and decide to cook something new? Why would you apply reins to your life? Why would you harness your present to the past? Why perpetuate the past? The past is an old bathrobe. It's time to throw it away.

Even if in your childhood you had trauma, even if you were beaten, even if you were tied up in a tiny basement room, why would you imprison yourself now in recriminating thoughts of your childhood? Now is the moment to give yourself another chance.

Does not the sun rise anew every day? Let your life rise with the sun.

Salute a new life beginning right now. Make room for it. Whatever has been, you are to author a new script now.

If you had a broken record on your victrola, you would stop playing it. And yet, stuck in the past, you play your old life over and over again.

Come, choose a new record, and play that. Play it once, beloveds. Fill up with a new choice of what your life is to be. There is a new refrain for you to learn and then to let go of.

Posted by Kel at 2/01/2010 11:27:00 PM

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