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We Are Being Re-circuited - Dutch Sheets - 10/12/2021 GiveHIM15 - Prophetic Insight


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October 12, 2021


We Are Being Re-circuited


I was in Clarksville, TN, at Riverside Church with my friends Randy and April Lopshire this past weekend. Several prophets were there for the conference, including my good friend, Chuck Pierce. We began the weekend by visiting the Red River Meeting House just across the state line in Kentucky. The presence of Holy Spirit is still very strong there.


For those who may not know, the Red River Meeting House was the place of a great revival at the end of the 1700s. The revival spread to Cane Ridge, KY, which became one of the greatest revivals in history and sparked the Second Great Awakening. This revival saved America, and I do not just mean spiritually. Several dreams have been received about past revival wells reopening, including Red River Meeting House. We posted a couple of them here on Give Him 15 that Holy Spirit gave Gina Gholston, who was also with us at Red River this past weekend. Here is the GH15 post where the dream was shared (from 2/9/2021).


We were warmly received by those in charge at the property. I wasn’t aware they were conducting a reenactment that weekend, with several people/families camping, some of them dressed in period attire. It was very interesting. I was informed by leaders that visitors to Red River Meeting House have increased greatly since we spoke of it on Give Him 15. Those in charge were so appreciative and thankful. I, too, am grateful that we have listeners and partners who take these words and dreams seriously, and honor what God did in the past through those who came before us.


It was meaningful and very moving to pray, prophesy and decree elements of Gina’s dream: the geyser (“It’s time!”), the seers, the eagles with their arrows and scrolls, the rapid response teams, and more as we stood at the Appeal to Heaven flag hanging behind the pulpit.


The same weighty presence followed us to the service that night. Chuck Pierce spoke first, I followed. He shared a vision Holy Spirit gave him earlier in the service of the word “re-circuited.” The message he gave regarding this word was profound. As an example of what it meant, Chuck talked about the work Holy Spirit has done in him over the last year. Then he prophesied that God was changing the circuitry of our hearts and minds, enabling us to move into revival unencumbered with the past and in sync with Him. He felt that the prayer time at Red River Meeting House, the decreeing of the dream, along with what Holy Spirit did in this service was confirmation that we have crossed fully into the revival we’ve been working and praying toward. Again, it was a profound word, and certainly a historical day.


The same incredible strength of anointing continued Saturday and Sunday. I can only say to you that if there had been any question in my mind as to whether or not we are in the beginning of this Third Great Awakening, it would have been answered this weekend. We’re in it.


Another interesting occurrence was the attendance of four “young” ladies - 94, 84, 71, and 69 years of age - representing four decades. They are on an I-40 prayer tour, traveling the route Holy Spirit gave in one of several dreams about I-40 over the last six months (4 decades [40 years] on I-40). They’re visiting various places along the way, praying as Holy Spirit leads and decreeing “Fire” over the nation, just as the dream stated. The fire of Holy Spirit is being released in America. They will finish at Azusa Street in California. What a precious and strong team. The initiator, 84 years old, was listening to me on YouTube last October talk about a prayer assignment I had been given. She said she told the Lord, “I wish I had an assignment.”


Later, when she heard the dream Holy Spirit said, “Here’s your assignment.” And they’re doing it! When listening to them talk about it, one is left with no doubt that they will finish and accomplish the mission. The Ekklesia is arising! The words being released by Holy Spirit are to be acted upon. And not just by those in occupational ministry; they’re to be accomplished by the Ekklesia. The ladies sent this short report from Sunday afternoon and Monday:


We drove to Belmont Church and the Koinonia Coffeehouse Memorial Marker in Nashville, TN, where the "Jesus Music" movement took place in the ‘70s. Here musicians shared their faith through music. We decreed fresh fire and anointing over a whole new generation of musicians rising up to spread the Gospel in song and setting captives free through the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Nashville will once again be known as the place of "Jesus Music."


We then went to Regeneration Nashville Church where Kent Christmas delivered a prophetic message stating the importance of our standing up with God against evil. He is raising up a glorious Church bringing justice back to this nation. Hearts were stirred as faith and hope rose up fresh within us.


(The I-40 Prayer Team: Jean, Francis, Violet, and Mary)


The last thing that stood out to me about this amazing weekend was Holy Spirit continually saying, “It’s time!” He said to us, “When it is time to shift into breakthrough, revival, initiate a new season, etc, I CAN do it. My timing and ability are NEVER determined by My enemies. Never.”

God waited 40 years for an unbelieving generation in Israel to die so the next generation could possess the promised land. When the old generation was gone, Holy Spirit said to Joshua, “Here we go!” He led them across the flooded Jordan and planted them on the Canaan side. Then, just to emphasize for us that He can do what He needs to do when the time is right, He said in Scripture, “While the sons of Israel camped at Gilgal they celebrated the Passover on the evening of the fourteenth day of the month on the desert plains of Jericho. Then on the day after the Passover, on that very day, they ate some of the produce of the land, unleavened cakes and roasted grain.” (Joshua 5:10-11)

Notice the phrase “on that very day.” Holy Spirit didn’t want us to miss the significance of the timing. One can almost hear him tell the angels, “I will wait until the faithless generation dies, which will be in 40 years, then I’ll take the next generation into the promised land. And I’ll do so in time for them to celebrate Passover in the land, on the anniversary of when I brought them out of Egypt. And I’ll have them at exactly the place where I want them to cross over. Then they will eat the fruit of their inheritance the very next day after their anniversary.”


Tens of thousands of people, ranging in age from their 40’s to their 80’s, all dying over a 40 year span - not 41 or 39 yrs - by a specific day of the 40th year, shortly before Passover; getting the entire nation to the right spot on the right day, just after the last death; moving them across a flooded river on the exact day needed to celebrate Passover and eat the produce of the land the next day. Are you kidding me?


No problem - not for God. He can do what He says He can do.


When it was time for Isaac, He did it. When it was time for Joseph to leave prison and become a ruler, He did it. When it was time for Israel to leave Egypt, He did it. When it was time to judge Pharaoh, He did it. When it was time for Messiah, He did it. When it was time for the Cross, He did it. When it was time for the resurrection, He did it. When it was time for Pentecost, He did it.


He knows what He’s doing!


Do not think He cannot save this nation. Do not think He cannot send revival to the nations. He can, He is, and He will!


Pray with me:


Father, Your faithfulness to us is amazing. It reaches the clouds. We run from You, reject You, insult You and curse You. Yet You bring a wave of revival to restore us and rescue our children. Your love knows no bounds, Your mercies are forever. We thank You.


We thank You also for our brothers and sisters before us who have carried the Kingdom baton faithfully, laying down their lives, giving their blood for the cause. We honor them, knowing we are building on what they have done. We are part of a great family.


We boldly state our confidence that You can do what You said You could do. And You can do it when the time is right to do so. No enemy of Yours has ever dictated to You when You could do something. Never. You have said through Your prophets it is time for the wells of revival to spring forth in America and around the world. And yet, You also said when it is time to ask You for it (Zechariah 10:1). We do so now.


Let it rain!


Our decree:


We decree that the wells of revival are now open in America.


Click on the link below to watch the full video.

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