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Mario Lavezzi - Professore (Professor)

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Love it....Music & lyrics







Look at it, Professor, how blond that is...

This starry night disappearing into the dark

Look at it as it runs away

just the same as you look at that woman friend of mine

I know way back when you made a killing with the ladies

I'm not calling you "Professor" for nothing

Tell me Professor about the Silence

about the blue countryside, tell me about the absinth ( hallucinogeous
plant and drink used in the beginning of the 20th century)

tell me about those months where you were locked up in the mountains
with your black basque as if it were Spain again ( talks about the
civil war between supporters of fascist dictator Franco and
Republicans coming from all over the world to help spanish people to
re-gain freedom.. Franco won that time sadly.. around 1935-36)

Just light up a fire..... when it comes to this you're the Best
 also for this I call you "Professor"

Explain to me, Professor about a woman

who knows you just like this flame

they say you haven't forgotten her

she then went away but never got married anyway

And from that day on you got your heart knitted up

Also for this I call you "Professor"

But do not talk about me

The emptiness you feel  exists

 it's not to be told

We got stolen everything

and what did  you do?

In your home you'd keep giving milk to your cat

I too will have the right to be the worst

Please will you excuse me, "Professor"

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    • By umbertino
      Saw them in 1973 ( that's 48 years ago...Yes, I'm gettin' old...Damn...)....I was 16.....
      Good concert
      Claudio Rocchi (RIP) was the opener
    • By umbertino
      Take a woman, tell her you love her
      Write her love songs,send her roses and poems
      Give her heart shapes too
      Make her feel important
      Give her the best of the best you've got
      Try to be a tender lover
      Be always near her
      Resolve her troubles
      And be sure she will leave you
      Who is too much loved will not give back love
      And be sure she will leave you
      Who love less is always the strongest
      Take a woman,treat her bad
      Make her wait you for hours
      Don't show up and when you call her
      Act as you do her a favor
      Make her feel less important
      Balance good love and cruelty
      Try to be a tender lover
      But out of the bed show no pity
      And then you'll see she will love you
      Who less loves more love gets in return
      And then you'll see she will love you
      Who love less is the strongest one
      No my dear friend
      I do not agree,you speak a hurt man
      A good girl,like the bread..and she is gone
      And you didn't resist

      there are no laws in love
      Just be who you are
      Leave the door of your heart open
      And you'll see a woman is looking for you
      What's a man without love?
      You do agree with me on this
      What's a man without love?
      This is the only law that exists..
    • By umbertino
      Napoli Centrale (name  indicates  Naples' main train station) were formed in Naples in 1974 on the initiative of James Senese (sax, vocals....later he will play with Pino Daniele-RIP & others) and Franco Del Prete (drums) after their experience in another band called the Showmen 2. They joined forces with American keyboardist Mark Harris and British bassist Tony Walmsley and in 1975 released an eponymous debut album blending in an original way Mediterranean roots and jazz rock.
      James Senese's father was an American soldier who had been working in the base of Naples and his mother was a Neapolitan girl, perhaps that's why the fusion between Afro-American music and Neapolitan folklore sounds so natural and authentic in the band's output.
      Franco Del Prete-RIP (umb's note: one of the best Italian drummers) committed lyrics in Neapolitan dialect add a touch of colour contributing to express what's an almost a tribal rage. They perfectly fit the music composed by James Senese where you can find influences ranging from Weather Report and Miles Davis to Osanna (Italian Band)
      The opener "Campagna" (Countryside) begins softly with a short intro featuring shy flutes notes... Then the rhythm section starts pulsing while vocals describe in a caustic way how "beautiful" is the countryside.
      Lyrics depict the miserable life of the farm labourers, exploited by their greedy employers... "Countryside / How beautiful is the country... But it is more beautiful for the landlord!".
      The rhythm is full of energy and James Senese's draws fiery sax passages under a midday sun. This track was released also as a single and was quite successful in Italy. An absolutely unexpected result for such kind of song!
    • By umbertino
      Real name: Francesco Puccioni (from Firenze / Florence)
      Quite a hit in Italy and Europe in the 80's
    • By umbertino
      When I saw you arrive
      so beautiful as you are
      it did not seem possible to me  that with so many people around
      you'd  notice just  me
      it felt  like flying right here  in my room
       like in a dream more inside you
      I've known you forever and I' ve  loved you since no time
      Pretend you'll never leave me even though it will have to end sooner or later
      this long love story
      now it's already  late but it's still  early if you leave
      Pretend that it's  just for the two of us
       time  will go by but this long love story will not
      now it's already  late but it's still  early if you leave
       it's  too late but it's early if you leave
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