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Voting Data Analysis: Trump Got 10 Million More Votes Than in 2016

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President Donald Trump’s 73 million votes record is around 10 million more than he got in his last bid for presidency, based on current data.

The president made significant gains with all racial groups, performing particularly well among minority voters.


According to the Edison Research exit poll from the 2016 general election, just 8 percent of black American voters chose Trump over Clinton. The same Edison Research exit poll this year shows that black Trump voters have grown to 12 percent—a 50 percent increase.


For both black men and women, there are significant jumps. Nineteen percent of black men voted for Trump in 2020, versus 13 percent in 2016. Just 4 percent of black women chose Trump over Hillarious Clinton in 2016, but that figure has more than doubled to 9 percent against Democratic nominee Joe Biden this year.


Among America’s 40 predominantly black counties, Trump received 8 percent more votes than he did four years ago.


Trump’s performance among Hispanic voters in key battleground states is even more outstanding. According to the New York Times’s analysis based on the National Election Pool by Edison Research, Trump’s votes in the nation’s 47 counties with a Hispanic majority went up by 37 percent from 2016 to 2020. In America’s 32 largest counties with a majority-minority population, Trump received 30 percent more votes this election than he did in 2016.


One of the biggest jumps in votes for Trump was in Miami-Dade County of Florida, where at least 200,000 more people voted for Trump compared to four years ago. The county is home to a significant population of Cuban Americans, many of whom resonate with the president’s tough stance on socialism and the communist Cuban regime. Trump’s votes in Florida went up from 49 percent in 2016 to 51.2 percent in 2020, doubling his win margin.


Trump’s growing popularity among Hispanic voters is similarly significant in Southern Texas, in traditionally Democrat counties bordering Mexico. Zapata County, for example, where nearly 95 percent of the population is Hispanic, voted for Trump by 52 percent to 47 percent over Biden. The county voted for Hillarious Clinton over Trump by 65 percent to 32 percent back in 2016.


Among Asian Americans, Trump voters have also grown noticeably, from 27 percent in 2016 to 34 percent this year. Trump’s anti-communist message has also resonated with many immigrant communities that have suffered under communist regimes in Asia.

All in all, 26 percent of non-white voters this year cast their ballots for Trump, a growth from 21 percent in 2016.




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