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      from other sources...
      Both Sources Claim We Are Exchanging Right Now. Your Comments.
      3-12-15 jcnc: I'm chompin' at the bit....Exciting news... Yes, it's superfantastic we say in dinarland...

      My mother's childhood friend who is 90 lives in CA. I got him involved reluctantly and he bought dong from his local WF branch. He's old school and goes into the bank almost daily to check on his little private debit account which he used to buy dong.

      Well, you guessed it, the teller that he uses who is his personal banker and who underwent 5 weeks of some kind of training recently, came up to him and asked him if he held dinar.

      My friend said no but he had bought dong from that branch.

      The banker told him "Well, DINAR IS EXCHANGING!!!"

      My friend told him he was going to get an 800 number before he could exchange.

      I told him "No, you don't!" Get an appointment! He's going to call me back and let me know what happens.

      I thought the room needed a little boost so I shared it . I was down before the phone rang too! Now, I'm just shaking and nervous and ...and...and well, you know!

      He called me at 10:44 PDT when he got back from the bank.

      [EvangeeGT] Wow! Just Now got a call from my friend that I am in a group here in Toronto Canada. We just now got a call from not the manager- but higher up.

      He said they have been cashing people out now for two weeks! This must be the higher ups?

      He told my friend that our groups are next week!

      My friend asked him why not this week? We are waiting on his call!
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