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    • By yota691
      Iran to delete 4 zeroes from the national currency
      11:37 - 31/07/2019      BAGHDAD - The 
      Council of Ministers of Iran in its meeting Wednesday, a proposal to delete 4 zeros from the national currency Riyal. 
      The governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Nasser Hamati, is due to present details of the new government decision later. 
      The official price of the US dollar is 42,000 riyals. Ending / 25
    • By yota691
      Economist: Iraq is not affected by the fall of the Toman because it deals with a basket of world currencies, including the dollar
      Economie 11:58 Last updated S homepage! 1208 Watch       BAGHDAD (Reuters) - 
      The collapse of the Iranian currency against the dollar is an internal affair of the Iranian republic and has a positive impact on Iraq, the economic expert said on Monday. 
      Jabbar said in an interview with "Al-Ghad Press" that "the financial deposit of the Iraqi investor in Iranian banks and banks is not affected by the decline or collapse of the Iranian Toman against the US dollar, being considered a foreign deposit remains the same with their benefits in a certain investment circle," adding that "The stock market and securities and the basket of foreign currencies against the Iranian currency will certainly affect the decline or collapse of the Iranian Toman."

      "The decline of the Iranian currency does not affect the Iraqi investors because the decline or collapse of the Tuman is because of the sanctions imposed by the United States of America on Iran, and therefore do not reflect a serious market," noting that "the process of retreat or collapse of the Iranian Toman on Iraq Will have a positive outcome, because Iraq is a country importer of Iranian goods. " 
      "The decline in the Iranian currency will reduce the investments in Iran and begin to move towards Iraq in light of the improved security and economic situation in Iraq," Jabbar said, adding that "Iraqi imports will be booming because the financial value of imported quantities will be less as a result of the decline of Atoman against the US dollar, Fruits and Iranian milk. "
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