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As an older person, I am stunned to see how quickly the world has adopted the idea that a person's sex is a choice.  It's so blatantly obvious throughout nature that there are two sexes - male and female - similar within the same species (and even breed) but with clear distinctions and in general, having their own predispositions.  Each sex has its own strengths and weakenesses, and one of the beauties of life is that when a male and female decide to partner and work together, they can complement each other and create something more and greater than they could do alone.  But today people no longer appreciate and celebrate those differences and the backlash from the #metoo movement has escalated into "toxic masculinity".  How ridiculous!  So it was only a matter of time before some sane people would start to stand up and try to put an end to the madness.  I just loved seeing this 2 minute video responding to Gillette's ad about toxic masculinity.  (And just an aside, I worked for hypocritical Gillette one summer in my early 20's as a secretary.  They required a brief physical examination - which oddly included a pelvic exam by a male gynecologist.  It was NOT unneccessary (or customary)  to have some man poke around inside of my privates to determine if I was fit to be a secretary.  Some day I'd love to see a Gloria Allred slap a class action suit against Gillette for that!  And they have the gall to denigrate toxic masulinity..... argh!) 

Vive La Differerence!!


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What you went thru for a job upsets me dearly. You get the CUP for you bravery for posting.



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