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IQD account to USD Account


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I have recently renewed  my internet account for the year and want to transfer currencies from the IQD account to the USD account. At one time you could go under the Account Summary or Account info and they had a selection to transfer either USD or IQD to either account. That is not so now. I have noticed quite a few changes since I was on last a couple of years ago including "Iban/Bban" numbers and some things on internal and external transfer beneficiaries under "maintaining beneficiaries". There is also something about "maintain internet LC" whatever that is. Has anyone done any transfer between the two accounts since the new changes? Also if it has to be done under the internal beneficiaries not sure what goes in the beneficiary name (what it is referencing), beneficiary address or what exactly goes in the boxes in the beneficiary account number. Assuming it is some portion of the accounts number. Any help would be appreciated if this is the way it has to be done. The only other option would be to send an email to Isa requesting the transfer. Also is there a certain amount of IQD that is required to leave in the IQD account? 



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