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    • By Luigi1
      Luigi asks...
      OK who's right? Is it done or is it no done?
      Not verified. Your opine.
      9-15-2017  Newshound Guru Kaperoni...NO DONE.
      Article:  "Three-quarters of the money supply outside banks and the central circle .. calls for investing"   I hate to say it, but this is another article that speaks as if they do not know what they should do.  As we have said over and over, they need to get parliament to do its part...passed the laws, strengthen the CBI and get deposit insurance in place.  Doing so will invite foreign investment, create a revenue stream outside of oil and help them turn the economy around.  Iraq tends to do nothing, then complain about it. It's got to be frustrating for Ali al-Allaq, he has been waiting for his revised CBI Law and parliament keeps kicking it down the road. 
      9-15-2017  Guru Bruce...DONE.  
      We were looking for an announcement to reflect the new rate. We believe the Gazette did come out yesterday with the rate, I don’t have it exactly yet. I am not for sure it got released or it will be release Saturday as far as the new rate. Iraq is done. I heard something about the rate for Iraq but today is different. I couldn’t nail done it.
      They are moving along well and that will bode well for us in the very near future.
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