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    • By Luigi1
      Luigi found this article of disturbing Dinarian interests...
      Are we at the mercy of China? Some Gurus think so.
      The UST blew it. China tired of waiting on US. Takes control.
      Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine.
      July 8 2019     MarkZ:
      Europe,  Asia,  Zurich   they are still planning on exchanging tomorrow. Has Plan B, the rumor is IF the Chinese bypass the UST by tomorrow….then the US may trail behind a couple days as logistics are worked out. Plan  B been worked out, so Mr C & the Chinese can BYPASS UST? Seizes control.
    • By Luigi1
      Luigi says...
      Treat this as a rumor until verified by multiple sources.
      See item #16.
      Not varified. Your opine.
      18 Oct 2017  Other outside sources...
      1. On Sat. Oct. 14 the newly-installed Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) Governor talked about the Dinar being an international currency again, saying there was no longer any restrictions for the Dinar or for any other currency exchanges.
      2. Late tonight Oct. 17 Abadi would make an announcement around 7 am Bagdad time (midnight tonight Oct. 17 EDT).
      3. Shortly thereafter our 800 number could come out.
      4. Bruce would put out the 800 on his website ***removed link*** and email it to those who have registered for it.
      5. An information blackout started today Oct. 17 in Iraq.
      6. For the last six days there has been a solid rate on the Iraq citizen Dinar Qi cards. Today Oct. 17 a new rate popped up that was almost $4 higher than the old solid rate.
      7. The privately negotiated rate (PRN) for us would be even higher than their new rate.
      8. There was also a new higher rate on the Dong today Oct. 17.
      9. The PNR rates are not screen rates. They are rates for us to negotiate for our humanitarian projects.
      10. There were 31 banking institutions that would be exchanging the Dinar, Dong, Ruphia, etc, but not the Zim. HSBC would be the only bank exchanging Zim.
      11. Those 31 banks would be sending out emails to their customers who bought currency from them asking them to exchange with them (at the screen rates).
      12. The John Q. Public would be getting the banks screen rates.
      13. If you want to call the 800 number and obtain an appointment at the exchange centers (at the PNR rates) your appointment would be set up according to your zip code. A special Zim Call Center would handle you if you have Zim.
      14. The Primary Call Centers have already been activated. Last night Oct. 16 the seconday Call Centers received an update. Today Oct. 17 around 10:30 pm EDT there would be a final update to the Secondary Call Centers.
      15. In Iraq they would have access to their Qi cards our tonight Oct. 17, their morning Oct. 18.
      16. Around 9 pm EDT tonight Oct. 17 the Chinese Premier would supposedly make an announcement that the world was on a gold backed system. That announcement would essentially be the announcement of the Global Currency Reset.
    • By Luigi1
      Luigi says...
      Take this article as a rumor.
      Could China exclude the USA from the RV process?
      Not varified.
      Your opine.
      11 Fec 2016  WSOMN:
      Mick5150:  China wants this done by the end of the month
      The cabal is done and no one is holding this up
      I am very limited to what I can source is directly involved in this
      China will have this done by the end of the month if they have to do it themselves
      Blaze :MICK so is this info "recent" like today.. thought we were told it needed to be done before TPP and before Chinese New Year...thnaks
      Mick5150:  there was a problem with the governor of cbi
      I'm still looking by the weekend ....... You guy start reviewing what you need to do for the exchange and all have a great night
      Thanks all if I get any updates l will let you know…. be ready for a moments notice
    • By Luigi1
      from another source...
      RV awaits on USA FATCA Tax & Chinese New Year.
      2-25-15 R.V. / GCR: Possible exchange next Tuesday, but according to Chinese before the end of the new years (Chinese New Year Celebration Ends Mar. 5th). The devil cheats …so figure any time from now until the day or even a few days after the Chinese new years...Seems they are working on this now,… in order to be in compliance… the United States of America will allow Iraq to untag from the US dollar if they sign the form treaties asked for FATCA taxes. When they do this the global currency reset will take place with all countries and you will bank…. Timber.
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