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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

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Albeit from a month ago when the situation was different. But still applies...?
"THERE's a situation in the silver market now that we absolutely must take advantage of," I told my True Wealth subscribers last month.
"It is the best opportunity to buy silver in over a decade – and possibly one of the best times you will ever see in your life."
"Silver is down by 60% from its peak in April 2011," I explained. "Compare that to gold...and you can see just how extreme the bust in silver has been."
Take a look:
As you might imagine, when an asset falls by 60%, investors give up on it. And that's exactly what happened with silver...
I like to look at bets on commodities and currencies to gauge investor sentiment. One way I do this is by looking at the government's Commitment of Traders report. It shows what real futures traders are doing with their money.
When I wrote to my subscribers last month about silver, I said: "based on the [futures market], silver is more hated today than any time in the last decade."
Looking back over history, silver had been this hated three times: 1997, 2001, and 2003. In two of those three cases (1997 and 2003), the price of silver roughly doubled in about a year.
I told my paid subscribers: "I'm optimistic that silver bottomed in late May, and the next move up has started...I'm perfectly happy to buy silver today – at the most hated point in over a decade."
For years, my plan has been to focus on the stock market while the getting is good – and then start to move more toward "real assets" as the stock market booms nears its end.
I still believe we have time to make money in stocks...But I couldn't pass up the opportunity to buy up a legitimate precious metal at its most hated level in over a decade.
My friend, I believe you will want to own precious metals over the long run...
We are in an epic struggle between inflation and deflation – as I have explained over the last week (with examples from Jim Rickards' excellent book The Death of Money).
One of these two will win out...But will we see uncontrollable inflation? Or punishing deflation? Today, it is hard to tell...But one of the interesting conclusions from Jim's book is that the price of gold will likely soar in either outcome...
If gold soars, without a doubt, silver will soar, too.
My call last month on silver was exactly right for my paid subscribers. But I don't believe you've missed it yet at all. Silver has rallied a bit...but you can still buy silver today at late-2010 levels...Silver doubled in price in less than a year after that.
Silver today is no longer as hated as it has been in a decade...but I think it's still a good trade to make today...
And based on Jim Rickards' conclusions about inflation and deflation, I want to own precious metals for the long run. The upside potential – if Rickards is right – is tremendous. And today is about as attractive an entry point as you will get on silver.
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Thanks Machine, I always take a peek at your posts and have been buying silver since it was at $5 an oz

I am also about half way done with the Death of money and find it very interesting read on Macro-economics

if I am understanding it correctly, I had told friends back when I was buying at that low amount that it suppose go to $50 an oz and it was pushing towards it for a little while.


anyway those same "friends" still look at me with that condesending smile, I don't even bother to mention anything more to them about silver or gold


Keep up the posts



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Hi to all,

This is a quick note on my theory concerning silver.

Many places in the Bible it mentions silver before gold.

Jesus Christ was betrayed for 30 pieces  of silver, why not gold?

Peter told the man at the gate silver and gold have I not,

but what I have I give to you in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Reading the Bible for many years it has been easy for me.

Buying silver can be a vey good investment I believe.


This is something you might want to study?


A little funny now,

Don't forget how that silver bullet helped the Lone Ranger LOL


Many Blessings to all and God Bless America and Israel


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