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How Mexico Defeated GOP Majority Leader Eric Canto


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How Mexico Defeated GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor



Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. U.S. Congress Majority Leader Eric Cantor just lost in perhaps the biggest upset in the history of politics in his country. In D.C. they don’t understand what just happened. Well, I’ll tell you what happened.

I’ve written about the plight of U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi. He’s being falsely imprisoned by our “friend” and neighbor, Mexico. He’s been mistreated, beaten and, some would say, tortured. Isn’t it time President Barack Obama did something? Isn’t it time for GOP leaders to demand action?

What does this have to do with Cantor’s stunning defeat? Everything. The people who represent us in Washington, D.C., are off the grid. They are tone-deaf. They don’t care about what “we the people” care about. Cantor probably doesn’t even know about our hero Marine stuck in a Mexican prison. And that’s the problem. Our leaders are out of touch with the people — and with reality.

Separate from the plight of our hero Marine in Mexico, we have an invasion going on right now on the Mexican border.

Our borders are no longer enforced. Thousands of illegals are pouring over the border, and they aren’t even bothering to hide from police or Border Patrol. They are walking into America in plain sight and searching for police. They are thrilled to surrender to authorities because they have all heard the news: Obama has created de facto amnesty.

Obama and Holder are ignoring the law of this country. They have spread the word: “Bring your children, cross the border, we’ll feed you, house you, and we’ll provide you with civil rights lawyers at taxpayer expense. And you can stay indefinitely.”

So they’re coming by the thousands — from Mexico and Central America. They are young, poor and uneducated. They will cost billions of dollars to house; to feed; to provide entitlements, healthcare and public education for; and, in many cases, in the cost of police, courts and prison. America is already bankrupt and more than $17 trillion in debt. This is the tipping point.

And it’s no mistake, accident or coincidence. Obama never has to face voters again. He is out of control. He is hell-bent on the destruction of America — and the Republican Party — in his remaining time in office.

Yet moderate, establishment Republicans in Washington, D.C., say nothing. Cantor said nothing. This is a purposeful plan by Obama to overwhelm the system — to flood America with poor, dependent illegal immigrants. This is how you flood the country with future Democratic voters. Keep in mind where the government is dumping them: Arizona and Texas.

This is a purposeful plan to punish GOP Governors and turn red States into blue States.

This is an invasion. This is criminal. The President refuses to secure the border. He refuses to send back criminals. He empties our prisons to purposely dump illegal immigrant felons back on the streets (36,000 last month, to be exact).

He spends your taxpayer money on lawyers for illegals. He gives them sanctuary against the laws of America. He spends your taxpayer money to run advertising campaigns in Mexico to tell illegals in America they should request food stamps.

He orders the Internal Revenue Service to target and persecute GOP donors and conservative critics, but to look the other way while the same IRS pays $4 billion per year in “earned income tax credits” to illegal immigrants who paid no taxes.

This is the final destruction of America. Still, Cantor and his clueless moderate establishment Republican leaders in D.C. said nothing and did nothing.

Now, add in our hero Marine rotting in a Mexican prison for no good reason for two months (and counting). Yet Cantor said nothing and did nothing.

So at this very moment — with our borders under attack, with a wave of illegals invading America to overwhelm the system, with Obama emptying the prisons of foreign felons, with Mexico falsely imprisoning and torturing a hero U.S. Marine — what do Cantor and the GOP do? They say they support immigration reform and want to rush it through Congress before the November election.

Folks, this is insanity: first, because it’s time to stop rushing passage of controversial bills before anyone has read them.

Didn’t we try this with Obamacare? Didn’t we hear that if we liked our insurance we could keep it? Didn’t we hear we could keep our doctors? Didn’t we hear our health insurance premiums would go down? All lies. Complete fraud. Now, Republicans want to rush through a bill their own base does not support before reading the details? Madness.

But worse, any idiot knows that the GOP stands a great chance of winning big in November. Why would a GOP leader want to ruin that by upsetting his base? Why would you thumb your nose at your best customers? Why would you ignore what your most loyal voters are telling you? Madness.

There’s dumb, but then there’s dumber. Cantor was both dumb and dumber. If the GOP wins big in November, it will be in a position to dictate terms of surrender to Obama over the issue of immigration reform. Right now, the GOP is at a big disadvantage. Come next January (only a few months away), the GOP will be sitting pretty. Why would anyone with a brain try to push through an immigration bill now in the waning days of a Congress where you are at a disadvantage? Madness.

No one can be this dumb or tone-deaf.

I haven’t even gotten to the most important point. At this moment in time — with Mexico laughing in our face, imprisoning and torturing our hero Marine, and with our border being overrun — who in his right mind would even consider amnesty for millions of people already here illegally? Why would we even think of rewarding a country (Mexico) that is laughing in our face? It is sending its poor, jobless citizens to us — so we can pay the welfare, medical, education and prison bills it should be paying. Next, like Fidel Castro, Mexico will empty its prisons to send us its worst criminals.

Mexico is a desperately poor country. They are trying to stick all their bills and responsibilities on American taxpayers.

Anyone not blind can see what’s coming. Obama has erased the border. He’s obliterated the law. He’s bankrupting the economy. In the bargain he’s enriching his favorite donors: lawyers. He’s overwhelming the system with spending and debt. The plan is accelerating.

This is the invasion of America. This is the bankruptcy of our economy. This is the end of the GOP. Cantor, are you blind, deaf and dumb? GOP leaders like Cantor are either complete idiots, cowards afraid of their own shadow or traitors complicit in the destruction of America.

So wonder no more about the stunning defeat of Cantor. I say good riddance. Now, it’s time to throw out the rest of the tone-deaf fools in Washington, D.C.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless.

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I agree with every word of this. And in addition, Obama took the last of our soldiers out of Iraq, destroying our chance to finish converting a lawless country into a democracy in the Middle East.  So now Al Qaida is coming back and destroying all the freedom that had been created there by the sacrifices of so many brave Americans.  It's like Obama is throwing our brave men and women's sacrifices, their very lives, into the wind.

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I have to agree. Can ANYONE please explain to me the benefit of bring illegal aliens here to the USA? Besides Votes for the greedy elected officials?



Why... to overwhelm the system of course! It's classic Saul Alinsky "Rules For Radicals". These illegals are pawns in the progressive's wet Utopian dream. I think we should bus them all to DC... that would light a fire under our Dear Leader!

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