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Bitcoin & GHS help


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Hi All


I know i probably in the past give the Bitcoin a bit of a grilling meaning i didnt agree with it.

However my son bought in to it 2 years ago & i never new jack sh***ootme


So heres the thing he has no idea what to do next.


How do you sell Bitcoins for cash in a safe environment & given apparently he has a boat load of GHS how do you sale this too.


He tried to sell it on eBay & did so but could not workout how to get the code vouchers.


If anyone can help me help my son i would more than appreciate any help


Thanks to all response in advance


Bitcoin Zantac out (Literally)

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Zantac, I looked into the Bitcoins a while back and I would suggest looking at YouTube as there are a lot of video's talking about the BitCoin and ways to sell and also setup the large computers that will mine for you throughout the day and night!    



Hope this helps


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