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I haven't watched the video because I'm falling asleep at the keyboard, but just wanted to add that I read a newspaper article earlier this year about polygamy and the main commenter at the end was a polygamist. He said he had 3 wives and 2 of them were also commenting. One man was verbally abusing them and kept telling them to get off the welfare rolls and they repeatedly said that they were not on the welfare rolls. None of the wives. I don't remember if they had any children. Anyway, further on into the comments, another polygamist started commenting and she was also confronted by this angry man. At one point, all of the polygamists stated that they were not FLDS, but a Christian sect that was nation-wide and believed in biblical marriage which supported polygamy. They said they were not really familiar with the FLDS beliefs but that their Christian sect was happily practicing God's plan for marriage. No, they didn't mention young girls marrying old farts and no, they also didn't mention the particular religion they practiced. I just thought it interesting that they were not associated in any way with the FLDS (nor LDS, which no longer practices this) church and were pro-polygamy. 


Man, I'm so tired. I hope my rambling makes sense...



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I have actually had experience with groups such as this

There are times in your life that if things are going to made right you might have to make the decision to break the law

There are times when the law cannot or will not set things right and the only way to save is to go down a very dangerous path

Sometimes the only way to save is kidnapping and deprogramming


Warning : you will not be considered a hero you will be considered a criminal and be treated as such.


A big early warning sign is when a group does not want you to read the Bible without  supervision or as they say guidance  from an elder  



                                                      No Surrender No Retreat and No Compromise

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