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Synchronicity....... The Phenomenon


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I think it would be really neat for members to share some specific events that support this "synchronicity" - I have had many over the years -- Some say there are no  "coincidences" - that everything is by design and divine purpose -- hummmm  interesting -- I  hope some will share their experiences -- and thoughts - I find this  very interesting and hope you enjoy the read <3 UNEEK



Synchronicity … The Phenomenon    By Sarah Delamere Hurding


syncronicity, magical, logic, life, intuition, soul, Sarah Delamere Hurding


 If there’s one thing you should know about, it’s synchronicity.  Always wondered what those coincidences in life – big and small – really mean?


Have you ever been thinking about someone you haven’t seen for months only to bump into them in a busy shopping center?  Or have their name to flash up on your mobile moments before you key in their number?  This is the tantalizing nature of synchronicity. 


We all have examples of intriguing, significant coincidences that have happened along the way.  But sit down and try to define the quality of these magical moments, and it is likely you’ll run into difficulty.


It doesn’t help that we tend to be ruled by our logical minds, which tell us to put everything into a safe, ordered box, and dismiss apparently random events.  But these synchronicities are happening everywhere in our daily lives – whether we choose to notice them or not.


 If we close our minds to this phenomenon, we run the risk of reducing life to a purely material, painfully tedious, humdrum level.


Synchronicity is a magical thing that has the power to transform and enhance our lives if we decide to give it air time.  A greater understanding of synchronicity unlocks our innate creativity and oomph, as well as our ability to manifest good things, and choose the life path that’s right for us.


We are all interconnected by an energetic World-Wide-Web.  Understanding synchronicity greatly enhances our life experience by helping us tune into our weird and wonderful Universe.  These moments have an energizing, significant quality that connects us to each other, and to the hub of life itself.


Synchronicity reassures us that our lives really do have an inherent meaning.  It’s comforting to think that there IS a pattern and destiny within the chaos, emphasizing life’s magical quality.


Synchronicity is not the reflection or projection of a mad psyche, or an imagining designed to make us feel better.  Psychic is not the same as psycho!  These are real events, providing food for thought, if not nourishment for the soul. 


Synchronicity directly reflects our inner and outer reality. 


For, it is when our inner moments are reflected in the outside world that our realities collide.  When this happens, our inner-tuition is validated by a wonderful external event.  We feel vindicated and liberated in one fell swoop. Magick!


There definitely seems to be a link between heightened intuition and synchronicity.  My life as a psychic has been full of events too numerous to mention, that continually reassure me that synchronicity is a phenomenon which hits the spot time and time again.


There is no doubt that synchronicity makes us aware of the powerful forces at work in the Universe, and encourages us to increasingly trust our hunches. 


It is when we pay attention to what’s really going on, that our intuition kicks in and begins to help us in practical ways.  As we trust it, we then begin to access the power center within that ALWAYS knows what to do next.


Intuition is a significant part of our psyche which can be opened up and developed, making us more prone to the synchronistic moments that reveal so much.  It acts as a strong indicator, and yields profound clues about what can happen next.


My upbringing was both traditional and academic – my father is a doctor, psychotherapist, Anglican lay reader and author,  I was also taught to be empathetic and open to life’s magic and mystery.


 My Scorpio Nan is well known for her intuition, even at the ripe old age of 93!  Her memory is now severely impaired, but she still possesses the ‘Gift’ which I obviously inherited.  Nan was always able to predict the arrival of an unplanned guest, and would have inevitably made their favorite food the day before on a whim!


Jung famously coined the phrase ‘meaningful coincidence’ when he researched the phenomenon of synchronicity.  He identified three different types of this magical moment.


The ability to PREDICT events is the first of these.  Some of you may remember that I blew the socks off Louis Walsh (not easy!) when I predicted the full line up of SIX, months before the judges had themselves decided.  I put names in an envelope in October, and the protégés were unveiled in February, minus Nadine Coyle who had famously lied about her age.  My sixth choice was her replacement.


COINCIDENCE is the second type of synchronicity, which you may experience when a book falls open at the right page, or drops off the shelf in the library.  Or you get that phone call just as you are dialing the person calling YOU!I was amazed to see Bono’s drawing of ‘Mermaid in the Temple Bar’ for the I-Cross charity released in November 2002. 


We had bumped into each other on the beach in October, when I had just written the first chapter of my book ‘Mermaid in the Kitchen’.  I subsequently opened up the paper to find his Mermaid sketch staring back at me, dated October 2002.  Even though we are friends, neither of us was conscious of the similar title and theme of our work at that point!


The third example of synchronicity is TELEPATHY.  This can come in the form of a dream, vision, or ‘sensing’ what someone is experiencing a distance away. When I lived in Edinburgh, I would regularly turn up on my pregnant friend’s doorstep with the relevant craving of the day. 


Even quite obscure things like Kumquats, Black-eyed Beans and melons from the corner shop found their way into my bag. By opening our minds to synchronicity we are able to amplify our intuition.


 Rather like flexing a psychic muscle, it’s a case of use it or lose it!


The observation of synchronicity offers us a practical way to develop intuitive awareness.  The more tuned-in to the universe we are, the more able we are to recognize the right way forward.


  Our intuition, when it’s truly jumping, enables us to access our best options.  By being more psychic and intuitive, we allow destiny to take a hand in a profound way. 


As we grow, and become increasingly aware, synchronicity can also be a highly effective form of guidance, revealing clues from our Guardian Angel, Higher Self, or Innate Psychology.

Once when I needed guidance about what to do with my beloved Dashund Freddie,


who had been making improvements after a nasty road accident, I looked out of the window, and there against a clear blue sky were three images which answered the question. 


The first cloud was in the shape of a Dashund lying down, the second was of a Daschund running; then there was a gap, and finally there was an image of a Dashund leaping heavenwards.  The answer was clear; it was time to let him go.


Synchronicity gets us into the groove most effectively when we are, as Jung described it, ‘INDIVIDUATED’.  This level of maturity and unity with the universe is difficult to achieve.  We can but try!


The Individuated person is a formidable force indeed.  This person has a sophisticated knowledge of symbols, and is usually able to analyze, but not over interpret, life’s synchronicities. 


Likely to have heightened psychic ability and spiritual awareness, an individuated human being knows the value of meditation, silence and humor.  Let’s just call her Little Miss Perfect (or Mr Right-on-cue!).Everyone’s personal journey is different. 


With synchronicity offering to put the wind in our sails, we can certainly look forward to feeling empowered and free. A word of warning!  There is a danger in reading too much into every little thing, and one can go too far. 


We are more powerful than we realize, and synchronicity definitely underlines that fact.  We are, indeed, so creative that we CAN manifest quite effectively our hopes and fears simply by focusing. 


It goes without saying then, that it’s best to keep it positive! A negative spiral of thinking helps no one, and you may be blocking your synchronistic moments if you give your insecurities too much air time. 


We are creative beings who structure our lives from minute to minute.  So learn to access what you want, need and desire, as opposed to what you dread and fear.


Project the good stuff into the ether by ditching negative thought patterns.  It is better not to think at all than to think negatively.  Empty your mind of emotional debris and clutter, then relax and begin to visualize every good thing.  It really is as simple as that.  Remain open and receptive to your destiny.


At all times, use your skills of discernment and wisdom, too.  Your synchronistic moments will then naturally increase, and you will have ample confirmation from the Universe that you are well and truly on track.



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