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Devildogmom] I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. God bless the troops, God bless America and her allies, and God bless all of you! ... Semper Fi Marines!

[moonchild] Rocky49 I like what Wang Dang had to say yesterday. I do not necesarily agree with everything but he is not in the habit of calling the RV and has solid reasons for saying that it needs to occur by the end of the year.

[flashing] Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Aliya Nusayif, of the Hurra Iraqiya Bloc, called the US Administration to deal with Iraq as "Sovereign state and not through the disputed political blocs." In a press statement received by AIN, on Monday, she said "The US Administration has to deal with Iraq as a sovereign state according to the diplomatic procedures because Iraq is an independent country with elected government. Since Iraq has a government, it is unacceptable for the US Admission to deal with the political blocs separately to show Iraq as being a combination of disputed blocs where the disputes are related to the internal situation in Iraq and have no relation to its foreign policy," she concluded. /End

[Rocky49] moonchild I like what he said too. I could use it real soon, like yestesday.

[moonchild] Rocky49 yesterday sounds good but not very realistic.

[moonchild] flashing the question is whether Iraq really does have a fully formed government.

[Maryrose] moonchild did you listen to Vic1's call last night?

[flashing] moonchild well i think they already have it

[flashing] moonchild may be they want the rv and US is the hold up ?

[moonchild] flashing more likely that the PTB are the holdup, although the PTB have a habit of using the US to do their bidding, so it is possible.

[flashing] moonchild agreed

[Maryrose] Rocky49 yes, who's the guy that has been hiding out in Turkey, Vice MP I think. He's been back to Iraq, 3 different meetings in 3 cities. Vic believes he is spilling the beans with documentation of Maliki's crimes against the Iraqi people etc. Shabs is doing the same, Parliament is backing Shabs.

[Rocky49] Maryrose That sounds good based on Okie's theroy that Shabs is the one who controls the button.

[Retchie08] Maryrose .. Yes.. His Name is Al-Hashimi.. & His grandfather was a Very integraL figure in iWaq's PoLiticaL Past..most notabLy, HeLping to form & Head New Government in iraq after WW1. Has VERY Strong PoLiticaL ties throughout the ME.


[flashing] Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Hamid al-Khudhari, of the Citizen bloc called the political blocs to cooperate with the President, Jalal Talabani, in settling the political crisis. He stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) on Monday "Talabani will not be able to settle the crisis without the cooperation of the political blocs where postponing settling it is incorrect." "The political blocs have also to adhere to the initiative of The Head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, Ammar al-Hakim, which is related to divide the disputes into phases and settling them will bring the confidence back to the political blocs and hope to the Iraqi people," he concluded

[flashing] just read this line: postponing settling is incorrect . very good news

[flashing] this week is very promising for us .

[2012jesus] flashing yes weeeeeeeeeeee$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


[moonchild] the HAARP activity map is very interesting, with higher readings for the northeast US than ever recorded. why would anybody want a storm in that area now?

[Readynow] Sorry but what is HAARP please

[moonchild] Readynow HAARP is an instrument which is able to create storms, affect weather, earthquakes, etc.

[2012jesus] does anyone think the gov. are causing the weather they days vote yes

[MtnStar] 2012jesus actually HAARP is becoming rather outdated - there are new and more powerful tools

[OILGENRL7] Readynow google harp

[OILGENRL7] Readynow there is one in Alaska

[MtnStar] OILGENRL7 - it began with Navy testing

moonchild] OILGENRL7 I think that it is up around Delta Junction

[pastored] that storm sandy was to go north and then east and not touch the USA

[pastored] now to the storm sandy the reason it is hitting the USA will come out this wk something the leadership did against Israel cause the storm made a very sharp turn in it was not supossed to do that

[pastored] every time the leadership does something against Israel we get hit with something I have it all documented and proof

Ronn] pastored You are right on target!

[blessedandhighlyfavored] IMHO, God is tired of the mess and God does not bless no mess. Hurricane Irene was not enough to wake people up so he is sending Hurricane Sandy "frankenstorm" to finish showing people he is in control. Stock market and local buinesses are closed and millions and billions of dollars lost...hmmmm

[moonchild] blessedandhighlyfavored IMHO I do not think that the PTB act in anybody's best interest except their own.

[moonchild] there seems to be clear evidence that HAARP is the cause of this storm. The question is who does it benefit?

[blessedandhighlyfavored] moonchild Amen What are they going to do now because millions and billions of dollars are about to be lost? All I can say is go RV for God's children sake!!

[moonchild] looking at the charts of recent and current HAARP activity is very enlightening

[blessedandhighlyfavored] MtnStar You are so correct!!

[moonchild] blessedandhighlyfavored it is not about money lost by the common people, it is about the profits of the PTB. I am sure that this is somehow benefiting them, just do not know how.

[bandit] New York stock X closed today


[Retchie08] The articLe that taLked about reLeasing a percentage of "GROUPS" of New Lower Denom's of currency this week ..Key word ' Groups ", ..SpecificaLLy the 250 & 1K specuLative to be the initiatiation of impLementation of constitionaL ammendment #140, which is the one we've been waiting for..

[Princess M] Retchie08 do u have a link

[Retchie08] That is the Power Sharing agreement..HCL,ErBiL..& wiL give birth to activation of the Smart Cards & a New VaLue for the currencies..

[Retchie08] Princess M .. Just recoLLecting what Vic1tgk has been saying..

[ctgal] Retchie08. Sure hope he is right on this one.

[Retchie08] ctgal .. He certainly is Very knowLedgeabLe about FactuaL History in aLL of The ME Region..

[ctgal] Retchie08. Exactly

[Retchie08] ctgal .. iT was obvious to me that He & His staff, on the CC Last night were VERY apprehensive & excited about aLL the new articLes exposed of Late..

[Retchie08] ctgal iT was most astonishing of the Podigy of Shabibi as weLL as Mr. Hashemi..They both have Very Strong PoLitical ties throughout the ME Gov. Leaders, & there wiLL not be a Judge anywhere in that Region to try either of these Men..just to save face & embarrassment from the True Legacy of these

eddyeagle] PUPPYLOVE,STITCH....and everyone good morning....has any one heard if THE ISX went global today or not.........Continue: read more:

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