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  1. Glad to see everyone hasnt changed.
  2. My bank doesn't charge ATM fees. Maybe her banks gonna drop the fees to get more "handicapped" customers.
  3. After 4 divorces I figured calling your wife a "whale" or even a "hog" is not a good idea. JMO folks.
  4. My last boss thought he was god every day.
  5. My dinar is in the states right now, and so am I. This is to easy to be true. Another rumor I am afraid.
  6. We all know these notes we hold have the strength of toilet paper. They have no choice but to print better quality notes and exchange them for the old. The only question is the exchange value of the new notes. On another note: should they rv, they could expect a lot of uncirculated notes to surface.
  7. Now I have heard it all. They have bodies, hence they have DNA. They also have DNA (from relatives) of MH370. Pretty frikin easy to prove wouldn't you say. Next those commie backed rebels are gonna say it was shot down by sharks with lasers.
  8. 3.25-3.65. He can wait and be SOL. I will be happy with .10.
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