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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

the America Dream ∞ You Have to Be Asleep to Believe in it ! Revolution Truth 2012


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Scrumdidddles, Every American should view this video. It is a shame how he is ignored by the media. I view Ron Paul as a politician well ahead of his time. Unfortunately his views never make it to the couch potato citizens of our country.

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I truly believe that if Ron Paul does not elected in 2012 by the 2016 elections there will be an American spring.

DC's criminal activities are becoming to blatant they really don't think that we Americans will not do anything.

The pot is fixing to boil over. There is only one way of not having our families go through the pain and suffering

of a revolution.

elect Ron Paul 2012

the consequences of not electing him are really that dire.

We need a person in the White House that cares more about America then the parties agendas.

We won't see that unless we drown out all the noise from the DC Turkeys.

Remember Nov 2012 is DC turkey season

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