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FRANK26 04/19/2012

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Greetings Family,

Let's start with the #1 topic on the calls that I dealt with today. In is sad that we even have to start with this........nonsense.

First at 8:45 this morning a caller asked :

“ whoever …...has just made an announcement that we will only be allowed a short time to cash in our dinars.”

How silly is that since Dr. Shabibi has made it very clear since last year that the exchange process and introduction of LD's and collection of any remaining 000's will coexist for at least 10 years.

Oh........I didn't know that Frank.

Now tell guru whoever so that he can stop causing panic.

“But Frank......he also says it will only be in country.”

I'm a little bit country ….....but I'm nowhere crazy enough to even consider such an action by the CBI. But above all........the IMF would not allow this to occur. The IMF is about organization and coordination between the GOI and the CBI. Silly rabbit.

Second thing to waste our time on Family..........”Frank I just got a call from whoever and they say that people are celebrating in the streets because they have made the announcement. Is this true!!!

Unbelievable. you understand that it is 1am in Iraq right now and you want me to call my Team to ask them if this can be verified?


Normally I would not do this but I know that when the blessing comes it will be in the still of the night. But IMO........just not tonight. Due to the time factor that intrigues me......let me make a phone call and I will call you back. But the odds are against it being true because DELTA does not waste time …......nor mine. Trust me.........if the announcement was made we would have known even before this silly rumor that you brought me.

Thank you so much.

Hi.......DELTA said that there is nothing happening in the streets and mostly everyone else is asleep. Then he teased me when he said ….....”the 90% worked”. You see.........last night I brought proof of what they are telling the Iraqi citizens on their TV. Our original DELTA from the Green Zone told our KTFA Family the good news. Then DELTA and I decided to change the 70 to 80% numbers that we shared with you last Monday to …....90%. DELTA teased me that other sites are now claiming that Iraqi TV is spending 90% of its airtime to recycle in a loop the message that they are about to lift the 000's. I told him it didn't bother me because I got an email and my word “brainwashing” was also used in this form of education via the TV. I suppose we should be pleased to see that others understand our studies and associate with our analysis. By the way Family.........the reason we moved it up to 90% was explained on my CC last night. Since the end of January when the GOI passed the laws to lift the 000's …....we have plotted the amount of times that S or little S or CBI advisers have spoken on Iraqi TV. In these three and a half months the repetition of the 000's has steadily increased to 70/80%. Just in the last 72 hours now it has really climbed and absorbed most of TV air time. Hence we have put it at 90%. I also told you last night that when we share with you that it's at 100% on Iraqi TV..........we are at Red Alert.

That's enough of the rumors that needed discipline.

May I talk to you now Family about my own Team's intel?

Thank you kindly.

We study patterns and we wish to point. Yesterday we told you about certain events that can be looked at as last nanosecond activities that would normally be shy from our inquiries. Here is another one........I want you to look at sites that sell dinars. (not mine......LOL) We have noticed that some brokers are now advertising boldly that they will buy back your dinars if you wish. Dealers have always specialized in selling you dinars. Towards the end ….....they would love to have them back from you if you have flushed your patience down the drain.

Most of you now understand the three key studies that we brought you this week.......THEY WERE POWERFUL !!! My favorite is the Blue Couch conversation with the GOI. If you look deeply into these three studies then you know very well that the ongoing process of the IQD's monetary reform has not been halted by the CBI nor even by the request of the GOI to wait a few days before they lift the three zeros. You must remember Shabibi's words from last year.......there is no way back. In other cannot stop the RI/RV so you better be ready for it. I sincerely hope you also understood Family that this time asked for by the GOI was so that they could talk with the CBI privately. Above all ….......I sure hope you understood when I told you that the reason they meet is because they are concerned that the Iraqi citizens are not going to follow through with the instructions that they have received in the last three months. If Iraqis do not go to the window ….......instead horde their dinars in pouches that they carry around their waste rolled up in bundles.........then they can fracture Shabibi's plans for the CBI's monetary reform of the IQD. You see Family........the law to lift the 000's is done. The rate that came from this law was applied to the 2012 budget. The doggone thing is 120 trillion dinars for crying out loud. The funds were applied to the budget. CH7 is the only key to their shackles and The Authors were impressed with what M did in Kuwait last month. Baghdad was shut down so that S could explain to the GOI what is about to happen to their currency. The mantra …........the drum beat........the KNOWLEDGE that the IQD is about to have increased value against the USD is plastered all over Iraqi TV. This is why M and S are concerned about how the citizens will respond to this new …...KNOWLEDGE. They stay in constant we should stay in constant prayer.

When politicians in Iraq bark about a subject it is not because they are supporting it..........they are positioning themselves. For example........another pattern..........everyone from the GOI......economic advisors.........Warka bank........etc say that the lifting of the 000's is a good idea and highly recommend it for the IQD. They freely say this........because they already did. So when it is announced in the coming days as Shabibi has stated ….......they will be in position to say …...........I told you so. I was among those that advised our dear friend Shabibi to go ahead and raise the 000's. In the US we call this ….....jumping on the bandwagon.

Shabibi is returning from the USA and our Team will study his meetings with M. In the meantime there are many committee meetings occurring behind closed doors. We will see what we can find out over the weekend.

For those that called asking about Ali's office in Nevada I suggest that you send him a message on his facebook. There are a lot of rumors about him right now and that is exactly what they are.......just rumors. Yes he is setting something up in Nevada and tell you more about it tomorrow. It's just a call center Family. But think of this.......he has his bank now and he is opening up call centers? Now why in the world would you want to call Ali........LOL. To make a dental appointment? LOL.

As I say goodbye ….......I know my heart beats and I also know that Maliki and Shabibi are trying very hard to get out from behind the EIGHT ball. Because they know very well that if they accomplish what they are trying to coordinate together with their currency.......then it will open the door to Article EIGHT. Now that would be a ball.

Believe it or not I have more to say but it is slowly cooking. Our brother AGGIEDAD will post his Spiritual teachings on Fri/Sat/Sun but as always if something important comes will hear from me.

TALK FUSION has brought us closer together hasn't it Family? Talk to each other tonight and fellowship. Tonight after you say your prayers and lay your head on your pillow.......please do have sweet dreams.

That will come true.

Aloha from the heart and my Christian love forever.



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WELL, THIS POST IS INTERESTING , and what I am going to post might be just as interesting

I want to post 2 of franks statements

1.How silly is that since Dr. Shabibi has made it very clear since last year that the exchange process and introduction of LD's and collection of any remaining 000's will coexist for at least 10 years.

interesting this in my opinion is for the Iraqi who keeps his money in the mattress , when they trust the process and bank accounts they will accept the change--it will not happen over night as dealing with cash and not promises of payment requires a complete change of the whole countries surrport , just something which has never happened before --they only trust thier purse under four folds of clothes!--and still risky for their thinking suicide to trust the ruling party---this 10 year thing is for them

sorry period!

Second point that he makes is

The shabbs makes and in this instance with M is The dinar will become a reserve currency-[when we turn in it will be ultimately the federal reserve]--well pick a few currencys even have a chance of being a reserve currency China, India and a couple of lessor ones ---well they are only buying commodities with US backed debt--they are selling off thier accummulated US debt to other countries to further thier needs of commodities to sustain thier growth--{check treasury sales and who is buying and how much--side bar]---Since I digressed IRAQ in a very short time will have the LARGEST oil reserves in the world-[don;t think this is worrisome to the Suadis]-While some say it is not all oil---everyone should remember who the world went to , to pump up preduction --THe Saudis---they are not even close to what Iraq has just in oil---don't even mention Natural Gas---[new LNG terminal proposed },

I guess everyone by now thinks I am pro IRAQ But I want to say this it is all there for them but it is like a cave man killing a bit of meat to feed the clan but can't understand how to use lightening to cook the meat!

They are getting better quickly but not to all of us enlightened people!


hope it helps!

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