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Iraq: the outstanding issues with Kuwait need for high-level meetings to resolve

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Iraq: the outstandingissues with Kuwait need for high-level meetings to resolve

22/02/2012 13:14

Karbala, February 22 (Rn) - A spokesman for the Iraqigovernment said on Wednesday that the outstanding issues between Iraq andKuwait need for high-level meetings to resolve it, pointing out that the Iraqigovernment has a certain vision in supporting the private sector.

Ali al-Dabbagh told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) announcedtoday while attending the special conference rooms Iraqi Trade, held in thecity of Karbala that "there are pending issues Bin Iraq and Kuwait need tobe intensive meetings and on the levels of diplomatic high between the twocountries to solve all at once."

Dabbagh said that "relations between the two countriesas possible to evolve in the future with not only Kuwait but also with othercountries." "We attach great importance too in our relationship withKuwait and we hope that there will be an approach for all the outstanding issuesto be resolved and the payment of relations to develop between us again."

He noted that "Iraq is very interested in developingrelations with the countries of the region and Jawa, R., particularly as we areembarking on an important conference which is holding the Arab summit inBaghdad during the month of March next." Noting that "the Arab summitwill be very important when going through the area of ​​events, in addition tothat there are many items that call for Iraq to be in the heart of the eventand good relations with its neighbors."

In another context, Skinner pointed out that "the Iraqigovernment has a special program to support the private industrial sectorthrough the Chambers of Commerce," adding that "this support would bethrough new legislation that will support the private sector and overcome theobstacles in front of this sector."

However, "as the government pay special attention tothe Chambers of Commerce for its role in the organization of business in Iraqand this conference is very important the fact that most Iraqi traders arelinked to Chambers of Commerce and are in direct contact with these rooms willbenefit the government of recommendations that will emerge from the conference,especially the businessmen consider they the main base for the development inIraq, "he says.

He said al-Dabbagh said "the Iraqi government can notdevelop all sectors, and therefore depend heavily on the private sector on thegrounds that the New Testament of Iraq depends on political thought andeconomic private sector and not the state, being an organization of affairsonly, and chambers of commerce is one of the arms that reflect the role of theprivate sector to the government. "

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