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Ben Helli: There is no reservation to hold the Arab summit in Baghdad at the end of March

Sara Johnson

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Ben Helli: There isno reservation to hold the Arab summit in Baghdad at the end of March

01/02/2012 16:59

Bgad February 1 (Rn) - stressed the Assistant SecretaryGeneral of the League Ahmed Ben Helli said on Wednesday that there was noreservation by any Arab country to hold the next Arab summit in Baghdad on 29March next.

The Baghdad summit was postponed more than once because ofthe exceptional circumstances experienced by a number of Arab countries lastyear, which was known as the "Arab spring".

The Ben Helli in a joint press conference with ForeignMinister Hoshyar Zebari in Baghdad, the satisfaction of the Arab League forIraqi preparations for the summit of Arab and success.

He said he agreed with the Iraqi government that the timefor the Arab summit on 29 March next, the day will meet the leaders and will bepreceded by a day a meeting of Arab foreign ministers, while the Ministers ofthe economy before the day, and all of these meetings will be held in Baghdad.

The Ben Helli, "There was a collective decision to holdthe summit of the leaders in Baghdad and does not have any reservation to thesummit by any state, but that there is support and providing the means for thesuccess of the summit."

And that "all the arrangements and atmospheresavailable for the success of the coming Arab summit in Baghdad to be a quantumleap in the light of the changes the Arab world," noting that "thesummit's agenda will be different and more open with the Arab street and Arabreaction to events."

He noted that he would send Ben Helli "report to theSecretary General of the League of Arab States for the development of State andmembers of the university before the full picture of these arrangements,"and expressed his delight with what touched "arrangements in Baghdad tohold the next Arab summit."

In turn, Zebari said during the conference that "thereis a desire and willingness of many Arab countries for effective participationin the summit," noting that "the Commission has developed in the formof the situation and what has been done for this summit."

He said the "Iraqi government is serious to providesecurity leaders and heads of delegations and the security of the summit, theIraqi responsibility."

And postponed the Arab League on May 5 last Arab summitwhich was to be held in March 2011 in Baghdad to March 2012, at the request ofIraq after the consensus Arab member states in view of the reality of the"new and inappropriate" for the summit and out of the boxintransigence.

The Arab Summit held in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, theinternational event the biggest organized by the country since 2003, where itformed the secretariat of Baghdad, a committee to create and ensure therequirements of the Conference of the Arab summit, as confirmed and theInterior Ministry that it had prepared a security plan to protect the Arab summitincludes several phases.

Iraq hosted the Arab summit twice, the first summit wasninth in 1978 and to decide which county companies and institutions operatingin Egypt that deal directly with Israel and not to approve the Camp David, andthe second was the 12th Summit of 1990, which witnessed the severe tensionsbetween Iraq and Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates broke out after the secondGulf War.

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